Zhihe joined hands with Kejian to start the transformation and upgrading of the garment industry supply chain

The clothing industry is a relatively traditional industry, but under the environment of changing consumption habits and market demand, the sales operation mode mainly based on offline stores is gradually developing to new retail, omni-channel and other different business models, which puts forward higher requirements for the response speed of supply chain and logistics execution efficiency.In the face of challenges, it is imperative to transform the supply chain and upgrade technology in the garment industry.Founded in 1997, Zhihe Group, headquartered in Shanghai, is a full-business fashion chain enterprise with design, manufacturing, logistics, retail and franchise operations.As an operator of high-quality natural apparel brands, ICICLE owns ICICLE, SILEX and other brands. In 2018, it acquired The famous French brand CARVEN.With the development of zhihe’s omni-channel business, the combination of online stores and offline stores puts forward new requirements for the optimization and upgrading of logistics and transportation.Zhihe Logistics center covers a variety of distribution business scenarios, including door-and-shop goods, replenishment, warehouse return, allocation, e-commerce business, etc. The distribution scenarios are complex, lack of effective visual management, low efficiency.Keyarrow Transport Management TMS Cloud will meet the following core needs of Zhihe:● Seamless integration with ERP, WM and logistics provider systems, multi-system ● Business execution status and abnormal warning, to achieve visual tracking ● Automatic settlement, efficient reconciliation, cost display, optimization of pricing modelTo achieve visual kanban management through data analysis and DashboardTMS cloud integration industry best practices for shippers to provide numerous professional and rich functions, help enterprises build real-time visual end-to-end digital supply chain platform, realize efficient collaboration with external carriers, driver customers and partners, improve transportation efficiency and significantly reduce costs.This time, We choose Kejian because of the advantages of its transport management TMS cloud products:● Support the group’s multi-organizational structure, can be flexibly set according to the requirements of the Company ● Can establish the all-channel order task pool through the ERP interface, EXCEL import and other ways ● Support the automatic scheduling based on preset rules, reduce manual scheduling, improve efficiency ● Support the custom scheduling rulesMore flexible ● Scalable integrated vehicle on-off and on-off collaborative management ● Support collaborative interaction of mobile applications based on different roles ● Docking with domestic carriers, GPS integration to realize transportation visualization, and information collaboration with carriers ● Abnormal status warning function, support message customization mechanism ● Support KPI performance assessment managementAs a supply chain cloud service provider, Kejian takes creating greater value for customers as its mission, and is committed to helping enterprises build a more agile, efficient and intelligent digital supply chain network and realize the visualization of the whole supply chain process.In the clothing and retail industry, Kejian has successfully practiced in many well-known enterprises including Hongfang Group, Hotwind, Mlily Mengbaihe and has rich industry experience. Zhihe’s cooperation with Kejian is not only the superiority of product functions, but also the recognition of kejian’s industry experience.Kejian will build a digital and visual global transportation management platform for Zhihe, and help zhihe to further improve its supply chain management ability and achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase.Power SCM Cloud is a Cloud solution that integrates order management (OMS Cloud), transportation management (TMS Cloud), warehouse management (WMS Cloud), reservation management (AMS Cloud) and supply chain control tower (SCCT).Since 2019, Kejian and HUST have established the “AI Joint Laboratory” to develop and implement AI products and services in supply chain scenarios such as vehicle routing optimization, packing optimization, inventory and network optimization, and demand prediction optimization.(Disclaimer: the content of this article is published or reproduced by this website, which only represents the author’s personal views and has nothing to do with this website.For readers’ reference only, and please verify the relevant content.)

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