What a disgrace!CBA farce Adjiang was about to speak but stopped, the net friend scolded a, Yao Ming how to feel

Beijing time on January 28, in the midst of the CBA season staged farce, xinjiang in surprising ways after the defeat to the jilin team, coach a jiang and the team met with netizens with bristle, not only for xinjiang, much of the nation’s fans to laugh to scorn the performance of xinjiang, don’t know how you think of this arrangement,Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below, thank you.Today at the latest the end of the game, xinjiang in 96:117 defeat gave up to 21 points, in the midst of a playoff series tiebreaker lose into this appearance, really let a person cannot understand, what most fans don’t understand is, of course, the team’s two big main abdul salad wood and al, accident of dwell, did not even into the squad,Xinjiang team directly let the rival two main forces.What are the two players on the rest of the rotation playing at?Al this season, removed a jiang gray son, performance is very good, is averaging can contribute seven points and two rebounds 6 assists, assists set a career high became the team’s absolute engine, salad wood is hit, the level of the peak season, averaging 22 points and seven rebounds to contribute three assists and a number of data set a career high,They were the same players who played well a week ago in an upset win over Liaoning and played 16 and 21 minutes, respectively, in a game against Nanjing two days ago without any physical problems.Lacking two main players, Xinjiang team was defeated by Jilin team without a doubt, and Jilin team won 5 consecutive victories.The current CBA ranking is interesting. Jilin happens to be 12th with a record of 14-14, while Xinjiang is 12th with a record of 12-16, just outside the playoff zone.Xinjiang team today if can defeat Jilin, the two sides record will be even, the result of this operation directly let the two teams opened two wins difference.After the game, when the coach was interviewed, he did not talk about the two outstanding players, but only about the other players, which was even more revealing.Internet users have taken to social media to criticize xinjiang for insulting the fans’ intelligence, and some fans have called on Yao and the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) to impose heavy fines.But then again, the CBA has such a worldly ball has not been twice a game.Jilin as the host of the game, there must be teams to sell face, but this behavior if happened in the playoff team, it is really look down on people, such CBA also talk about what brand, what to learn from NBA?

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