Top 10 artifacts of the ancient universe!Styx ancestor to destroy the clock into the first three, nine tripod proudly set the top of the device?

No matter how powerful a monk is, he needs to equip himself with a satisfactory weapon.It seems that the magic weapon is only external force, but in the eyes of many monks, it is a companion for their whole life, which can greatly improve their fighting ability, and can be called the second life of many monks.Although there are some alternative existence in the world, to return to the uncut state, do not need to be tailored for their hands.In their hands, everything in the world can be a powerful weapon, all have the power to destroy the sky and the earth.But in his growing up, he must have his own god-army, when he stands at the peak of the spiritual world, his god-army also stands at the top of the artifact world, but there is no opponent worthy of his use of the strongest war.The universe from ancient times to now has been born a lot of amazing ancient history of the original figures, they use the most powerful artifact inheritance, in the future has a world-renowned.Today, xiaobian will make an inventory of the top ten artifacts in the universe according to the artifacts. Are they also the top ten artifacts in your mind?The Nine Tripod is recognized as the first sacred vessel in the universe, ranking on the top of the first chapter of Taibai Sacred Vessel Chapter.The status of nine tripods in the world is just like that of heavenly beings in the world. It has absolute power over other celestial objects and is the most powerful heavenly beings in history.Any one of the nine tripods is enough to stand on the shoulder of other top artifacts, nine tripods in one, can erupt the power of the original ancestor, the world is afraid that only Zhang Ruochen can fully play all the power of nine tripods, even nine tripods refiner nine great ancestor wu can not play the maximum value of nine tripods.The second artifact: complete seventy tower on the second floor First master: space-time progenitor was born in seventy on the second floor tower HuangGu time, space and time are fathers collection of the best days in the universe material to treasure refined but become, because of refining too difficult, space-time progenitor is refined out of the prototype, through the improvement of the four great ancestor, future generations seventy tower on the second floor is divided into four.They are underworld purgatory, sword Pavilion, underworld dungeon and destiny, all of which have become the top sacred objects in the world.According to legend, if a great man is born, the complete 72-story pagoda will be successfully completed. By then, the 72-story pagoda will be comparable to the nine tripod, the first sacred vessel, which shows the high evaluation of the 72-story pagoda.The third artifact was born in the time of the Gas Refiners, and no one from later generations has ever seen its true face.Some people guess that the time of the reign of the universe in the era of refining gas is second only to the time of sorcery, refining gas will leave only nine tripod treasure.Because the complete seventy-two story tower is comparable to nine tripods, so the supreme strong artifact of the age of refining gas is ranked third in the ten most ancient artifacts.The seventy-two devil stone column is cast by the great devil god in the ancient times, the devil god stone column is engraved with the appearance of the seventy-two devil columns, these columns can return from the North Ze Great Wall, and the devil stone column has a great relationship.Pillars of seventy-two o, at present, although not show too much playing god can, but can make big o spend endless treasure of fiend pillars, must have a don’t know the fate of the ordinary people, perhaps seventy-two o stone pillars in the hands of big o can play the strongest force, small make up for it in ten major artifact fourth.The first owner: The sound of the clock, the world turmoil, gods and spirits, the world destruction.In those days, the dark ancestor took charge of the clock to destroy the world and destroyed a great world that would not be destroyed forever.His successive master has the dark ancestor, the great demon god and so on person ancestor figure, visible exterminating the extraordinary clock.However, the clock is not the strongest in the world, it is difficult to row into the top three, temporarily ranked the fifth of ten thousand ancient artifacts.Due to the limited space, xiaobian only detailed introduction of the mind of the universe in the first five artifacts, after the five artifacts are: reverent god tablet, soul eating lamp, demon niche, the original lamp, refining god tower.Among them, due to the mysterious origin of the inverse god tablet, it seems that it is not a man-made artifact, and it does not show the strongest power. Xiaobian will first rank it in the sixth place of the top ten artifact.The real ranking of the final inverse god tablet should be far more than this, should have the potential to be comparable to the nine triplets, is the key to resist the amount of robbery.But so far, the nine tripod is still the first artifact in the universe, standing proudly at the top of the artifact world, at most other artifacts have the same potential as it, but no power beyond!

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