The hybrid version of the Starcross L, without the green card, is still a three-cylinder

The two most popular Chinese cars are definitely Shadow Leopard and Starcross L. I am sick of hearing the story of shadow Leopard. If I hadn’t tried it twice, I would have been brainwashed to watch Shadow Leopard owners vs AMG.As for the Starcross L, the only time we got to touch it was at auto shows and at regional tastings held in malls, as there were neither test drives nor test drives.In addition, the car is asked about almost every day in our questions and answers section.In terms of keyboard values, this car is full!Volvo’s 2.0t engine, Aicin 8AT (high-volume model), Borgwarner’s latest four-wheel drive, three-screen, and a maximum of less than 20W are all attractive words alone. Moreover, geely’s technological accumulation and marketing advantages at the present stage have made The sales volume of Xingue L reach 53,473 units in less than half a year after it was launched last year.Even the owner of the keyboard car god pulled it on the track, and the result was even better than the BMW 3 series. It was amazing, but it was even faster than the 8GTI.In my opinion, the real person who should declare war on AMG is not the owner of Shadow Leopard, but the owner of Starcross L.All joking aside, from the back of these two cars, do you have an obvious feeling that times have changed, before buying a car was passive, there was no choice!Buying a car is flattering now, pick a fancy eye!However, in the fuel version of the Star L flying all the way, with a monthly average of 1W+ sales is about to be promoted to the “god car”, the hybrid version of the star L came, the name is huge long, and there is only one model.Full name: Raytheon Wisdom Engine Hi·X hybrid….Don’t worry, not over, there is a suffix – “Super xun”, really, this “Super xun” really Super Taiwan accent, foreign atmosphere degree is not lost Charles Lee.It has been nearly half a year since the hybrid model debuted last year and the pre-sale channel opened on March 18. The pre-sale price is 173,700 yuan, 1,500 cheaper than the second-best version of the Star Yue L.Unlike the fuel version of the Seyue L, “this price + three cylinders + no green plate” attracted a lot of criticism.Do not exclude the suspicion that has water army to take rhythm, but with respect to current domestic consumption idea, 3 cylinder is cancer, tube you 3 cylinder technology ox X again, tube you 3 cylinder machine is when engine or increase a range, as long as it is 3 cylinder first scold say again.The focus is a good example. Of course, there are exceptions, such as the Ideal ONE, where scolding does not affect sales.Back to the hybrid version of the Star L, was criticized mainly because the first out of the fuel version of the star L is too cost-effective.This is like a boy chasing a girl, also to please you, the way is important.The fuel version of STARlight L did sufficient market research in the early stage, and made great efforts to meet the needs of consumers. Fortunately, his efforts just hit the heart of the girls, and their values match.But the hybrid version of the star more L is not the same, although very hard, but did not poke people to the point, in the end good brother fuel star more L became someone else’s boyfriend, and their own faults were disliked.Now, I’m going to tell you how it works.First of all, it comes from Geely Raytheon Intelligent Engine Hi·X platform, know why the name of the car so round the mouth.This platform belongs to Raytheon Dynamics, which is geely’s newly released global power brand.To put it simply, Raytheon Power represents geely’s future power layout planning of relevant models.There are three engines with different driving modes in the planning, among which two pure fuel engines (BHE15/BHE20) are used for oil vehicles, BHE1.5T four-cylinder engine with DHT 300 transmission and BHE 2.0t engine with DHT 380 transmission.Two special hybrid engines (DHE20/DHE15) with special transmission (DHT and DHT Pro), the former has only 1 gear, the latter has 3 gear;In addition, there are two 400V and 800V motors for pure trams.If you feel that the information is too large to accept at once, then I will focus on the hybrid star crossing L.The engine and gearbox of this car are DHE15 and DHT Pro mentioned above. The DHE15 criticized by everyone is indeed a three-cylinder machine, but the gearbox is a three-gear DHT Pro. What is the concept?At present, there are only two domestic three block, one is Chery, and one is Geely, Wei brand’s mixed technology has been very fierce, but it is also two block.From the current data, it is not clear whether this three-cylinder machine is directly related to the three-cylinder machine code-named 3G15TD that is carried in geely ICON, Bin Yue and other models.What is clear, however, is that the engine achieves a 43.32 percent thermal efficiency, a 13 to 1 compression ratio, and uses the Miller cycle, which means less heat transfer loss and fuel efficiency.The thermal efficiency is 0.32% higher than the snapcloud 1.5-L four-cylinder engine on BYD DM-I, but the compression ratio is still not as good as 15.5:1 on BYD’s model.Simple ratio data is PPT practice, the biggest purpose of this hybrid special engine is to save fuel.This is also the reason why Geely adopts the three-cylinder, which is more conducive to reducing the volume of the whole set of hybrid because of its small volume.For example, some types of hybrid models need to add a motor next to the engine, and the three-cylinder engine is more flexible in layout because of its small size.At the same time, because the three-cylinder machine is low speed jitter, so if the motor is used to drive the vehicle in the “jitter interval”, the rest of the time the three-cylinder engine can maximize the operation in the efficient speed interval, no shaking, fuel saving and high efficiency.This is one of geely’s efforts, in addition to the three block special hybrid gearbox is also very cow, concrete principle I don’t speak, you just need to know two things: the hybrid system in more than 20 km/h can into parallel mode (engine and motor driven vehicles) at the same time, can reduce the energy loss, and more powerful.By comparison, the speed of Great Wall and BYD hybrid entering parallel mode is 35km/h and 80km/h respectively.2. Thor hybrid version is not plug-in hybrid is oil hybrid, with the same shadow and RAV4 rong put those hybrid models, so can not be on the green card.It is different from the self-touching and non-reciprocating pay when chasing a girl, the car companies often need to pay at a price, which can understand why the pre-sale price is 173,700 yuan. In fact, it is ok. Wei Brand latte DHT next door is also mixed with oil, priced between 159,800 yuan and 199,800 yuan, which is not less criticized.Here, misunderstanding is untied, choose 3 crock to have his reason, expensive also have his reason.As for the Green, we’ll have to wait for future PHEVs, which will only be more expensive, but worth looking forward to.However, in the hybrid field, compared with Great Wall, BYD, including Chery, Geely is still a step behind in the commercial mass production and promotion of its products.

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