Second generation GAC Trumpchi GS8 hybrid version highlights analysis

At the 2021 Guangzhou Auto Show, GAC Trumpchi is presenting the all-new second-generation GS8 model. The hybrid version is the first to reveal the interior design. Here we take a look at some of the highlights of the hybrid model and what the obvious differences are between it and the gasoline version.1. Positioned at medium and large SUV, the body length is more than 5 meters;2. Pre-sale price from 188,800 yuan to 246,800 yuan;3. Equipped with Toyota THS oil-electric hybrid system;4, provide 5, 6 and 7 seat layout.The second generation GAC Trumpchi GS8 adopts a new shape design, giving people the first impression is very ambitious, with a large SUV should have the momentum.The intake grille of the front face is the source of this kind of gas field, inspiration comes from the dragon totem that represents the king, the scattering diamond grille is arranged symmetrical distribution in turn, plus the horizontal penetration type electroplating trim, strengthen the extension feeling of the longitudinal front, give a person more fierce visual effect.The new car offers two types of front face styling, the fuel version is called “Zhanwei Wing” and the hybrid version is called “Dragon Scale wing”.They all look pretty fierce, especially the chrome dragon scales, which make the car instantly recognizable.The second generation OF GS8 LED headlights named “conquest eye”, the shape is quite unique, inherited the first generation GS8 four beads matrix layout design, on this basis, added an open and close design, full of science and technology.The second GS8 is a larger version of the first GS8. The size of the new GS8 has been greatly improved. The length, width and height of the new GS8 are 4980mm, 1950mm and 1780mm, respectively.Compared with Toyota Highlander, the second generation GS8 also has a slight advantage.In terms of tail design, GS8 2 continues the overall style of the first generation, but the manufacturing process upgrade and details to make GS8 2 look more simple and elegant.The design of the side and back of the body is basically the same as that of the fuel version. The hybrid version has more hidden door handles. The second generation trumpchi GS8 is equipped with Michelin PS4 SUV series tires, the size reaches 255/50R20, and the price is more than 2000 yuan/piece.The attribute of this type of tire is inclined to the feeling of road control, which is very helpful to improve the stability of the vehicle.In addition to the front face and door handle differences, the GS8 HYBRID version of the 2nd generation Trumpchi has a HYBRID Logo on the rear of the car, which is the only way to distinguish the car version from the rear.Compared to the current model, the 2nd generation GAC Trumpchi GS8 interior style is more design, but also get rid of the complicated style, using the popular simple design.The design of the hybrid version is basically the same as that of the fuel version, with no obvious differences.The central control area is equipped with a large suspension screen with a large size, while also equipped with a full LCD dashboard and electronic handle and other configurations, bringing people a bright feeling.The GS8 comes with a 12.3-inch LCD dashboard and a 14.6-inch central control screen, which makes the GS8 smart. Most of the functions in the car can be achieved through the central control screen.In addition, some models are equipped with 30-inch AR-HUD, which can realize three-screen linkage and has a stronger sense of science and technology.In terms of configuration, the 2nd generation Trumpchi GS8 offers a very complete set of features, such as L2 assisted driving, automatic parking, electric rear door, wireless charging for mobile phones, electric adjustment for main and co-pilot, panoramic sunroof, seat heating/ventilation, face recognition, intelligent scene recognition and three-zone automatic air conditioning.The second-generation GS8 offers three seat layouts: 2+3/2+2+2/2+3+2. Consumers can choose seats according to their actual needs. The hybrid version at the auto show uses a six-seat layout.The convenience of the 6-seater model is very good. There is plenty of room for two passengers in the second row, and there is a cup holder and USB port in the middle, which is very considerate.Next, let’s look at the space of the second generation GS8. Because there are too many people experiencing it at the auto show, we chose the pictures taken before to show it to you.Sitting in the front row of the GS8, a 173cm tall experiencer can get plenty of space without feeling depressed.By keeping the front seat in the same position, the experiencer gets 3 punches of legroom and 1 punch of head room when adjusting to the end of the second row.From this picture we can see that the sense of space is really good, even for larger passengers.Coming to the third row, which is very concerned by everyone, the same experiencer can also get a relatively comfortable sitting position, with more than 1 fist in leg space and 2 fingers in head space due to the high seat cushion.Overall, the GS8 hybrid doesn’t suffer from any loss of ride space from the powertrain battery pack.The volume of the trunk of GS8 2 has not been released by the manufacturer, but it is quite impressive in the picture, and when the third row of seats is inverted, it can form a very flat space.In addition to space, the second generation GS8’s trunk features a variety of features, including the usual electrically responsive open and closed trunk and, less commonly, the electric folding of the third row of seats.The powertrain of the second-generation GS8 hybrid is composed of a 2.0TM engine and Toyota’s fourth-generation THS hybrid system, and it will be available in front drive and electric four-wheel drive versions. The engine has a maximum power of 140kW and a maximum torque of 320Nm, and the motor has a maximum power of 134kW and a maximum torque of 270Nm.From the official release of NEDC fuel consumption can also be confirmed, both cars are two-drive version 5.3L/100km, electric four-wheel drive version 5.8L/100km, in addition, the second generation GS8 hybrid two-drive version also announced more close to the user’s real fuel consumption WLTC fuel consumption, 5.96L/100km.The hybrid version does not have a traditional drive shaft, but is driven by a motor mounted on the rear shaft, with a maximum power of 40kW and a maximum torque of 121Nm.The biggest benefit of electric four-wheel drive is to improve the instantaneous acceleration response of the vehicle and improve the driving stability of paved road.

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