IPhone12Pro upgrade iOS15.3.1 official edition: use a week of real feelings

Apple in a week ago pushed iOS15.3.1 official version of the system update, this system update apple on its depth of optimization, most of the models have been a good optimization, so the newer iPhone12Pro upgrade a week after the experience feel how?Today to share with you, for your reference.IPhone12Pro upgrade iOS15.3.1 official edition, using a week of time, can be very obvious perception of the smoothness is improved, the touch screen response is very fast, sliding up a multi-task transition animation is very smooth, completely do not feel the problem of frame lag,We’ve seen this before in iOS14.7 where there’s been an occasional lag.IPhone12Pro upgrade iOS15.3.1 official version can obviously feel a certain improvement in battery life, the 7 days of the night 6 hours of standby power consumption of 1%, compared with the previous iOS14.7 night 6 hours of standby power consumption of 2-3% or there is battery progress.The signal is better than iOS14.7 signal, the main signal is more stable, not iOS14.7 as sometimes even to 1 cell signal or no service phenomenon, mobile signal is indeed more stable.Game upgrade iOS15.3.1 official version a week, playing general mainstream games such as Doudizhu, basically not fever, playing more eat hardware king of Glory is only a slight fever, the game frame is more stable, basically the frame number in 59-60 frames, fluctuations are very small.Before the problem of charging heat iOS14.7 does exist when the problem of charging heat, but the fever is not serious, upgrade to iOS15.3.1 official version of this week observed that there is no heat charging, charging speed is normal.Summary: iPhone12Pro upgrade iOS15.3.1 official version use a week, all aspects have improved, in the battery life, fluency, signal improvement is obvious, charging almost no heat, charging speed is normal.In terms of personal upgrade advice, you don’t have to upgrade if your current system is stable, but you can upgrade if you need smooth, battery life, and signal.

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