Hong Kong students participate in a series of cultural activities to fuel the Chinese youth dream

With the upcoming Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, Students in Hong Kong are focusing on the games. They will participate in a series of cultural activities such as knowledge exhibition, essay competition and mural making to learn and popularize knowledge about the Games, show the country’s charm, and enhance their sense of national identity and pride.Cultural exchange association of guangdong China Xue Hong Rong said, students work in the Beijing games and ice and snow sports content for writing, most of the students in his works express his understanding of its movement, portrays himself in the eyes of the games, tells the story of himself with ice and snow sports, also expressed the vision of “double the city of Beijing and praise.Huang Jingrong, principal of Hong Kong Chong Chi Middle School, said that through this series of activities, on the one hand, teachers and students can know more about the Winter Olympics, Beijing and the motherland, on the other hand, it also strengthens the students’ cultural confidence in Chinese culture, as well as the identity of their own national identity, which is what the young generation in Hong Kong needs to learn.CAI Liru, a Chinese arts teacher at Hong Kong Chuangzhi High School, said she was moved that students not only mentioned the efforts and efforts of national athletes in their works, but also wrote about their willingness to take athletes as role models.Ms. CAI said she could feel the pride in her students’ works.The students who participated in the essay competition with the theme of “Chasing Dreams and Snow” said that they had learned all kinds of knowledge about the Winter Olympics in the process of writing, and learned the athletes’ perseverance and self-transcendence sportsmanship while focusing on the Winter Olympics, which greatly encouraged them to pursue their dreams.Xu Yilin, the gold medal winner of senior high school group of “Pursuing Dream and Ice” essay competition, said that as a member of China, she was very proud of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. She said that it is not only a feast of sports, but also a big stage to realize dreams.In the pursuit of the dream, there may be unknown setbacks, but athletes will not hold back, winter wind blows, the Olympic torch lit up the entire ice and snow world.Huang Ye, the silver winner of the senior high school group of the essay competition “Pursuing The Dream of Ice and Snow”, said that he felt excited and excited about the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and realized that the Beijing Winter Olympic Games led the Innovation of China’s Olympic technology.For example, the core information system has achieved 100% cloud operation, cloud computing instead of traditional Internet technology, not only greatly reduce the cost of traditional Internet technology infrastructure, but also fit the green Olympic concept.CAI Rongyi, the gold medal winner of the junior group of the essay competition, said that during the essay competition, he not only increased his understanding of the athletes, but also deeply realized the spirit of the athletes to constantly surpass themselves.Although many athletes did not win MEDALS, they did not let this discourage them and continued to work hard for their goals and dreams.He admired the constant attempt to surpass himself and the attitude of only being the best you can be.(CCTV reporter Wei Kefeng zhou Weiqi Feng Liangchen)

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