Fusion Science (short term)

RongZhi learning is a learning of large cross-border, its characteristic is that love wisdom of philosophers, measurement, a psychologist at the intelligence of the human brain, through the software modeling and simulation in terms of specific implementation of the concern of the computer science and technology of artificial intelligence experts and three intelligence can be learned in RongZhi this interdisciplinary field accommodation fusion, three wise double melting is the embodiment of the division of man-machine cooperation,The process from human-machine interaction to human-machine collaboration and then to human-machine collaboration (collaborative intelligent system) follows the standards and rules of reasonable division of labor and high degree of cooperation.Rongzhixue is a cross-border knowledge system. It is characterized by the common concern of philosophers who love wisdom, psychologists who measure the intelligence of the human brain, and computer science and technology experts who simulate artificial intelligence in specific aspects through software modeling. The three-intelligence and dual-integration as a domain integration is the embodiment of human-machine division and cooperation. The process from human-computer interaction to human-computer collaboration and then to human-computer Synergistic Smart System follows the standards and rules of a reasonable division and a high degree of collaboration.

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