After retirement, the more people enjoy, the better life

01 The novel “To Live” wrote: “People, no matter how much suffering they suffer when they are alive, they will find a way to comfort themselves when they are dying.Retirement means leaving the workplace and returning to a life of freedom. It also means getting older and getting closer to the end of life.The rest of life is not long, how to spend the old age?We should not resign ourselves to fate, but enjoy it.Life is good, not life itself, but determined by your attitude.Enjoy life, relax, accept everything, is the best way to live.Enjoy the results of your struggles and spend your retirement money.I like this sentence very much: “The person who can spend money and make money is the happiest, because he enjoys two kinds of happiness.”To understand, not all old people, can wish to retire, there are always a part of the elderly, a lifetime of bowing to life.If you think this way, you will feel superior.Retired people, in fact, in the first half hard to make money, the second half slowly spend.Now, you can get a pension because you worked hard.Think of spending money as a “pension” and your mood changes.How you spend your money is one thing.As long as you do not lavish life, happiness will always stay in life.Enjoy the fireworks of the family, manage three meals a day.Some people describe the old life as “two people in a house, three meals and four seasons”.That is to say, retired people, their children have grown up and gone away.An old couple went shopping every day and cooked and ate together. Their life was very simple.If you don’t learn to enjoy it, it can be very uncomfortable.”If you drink doujuer regularly, you will become addicted to it,” writer Wang Zengqi wrote.The poor people in Beijing drink douzhuer, and some rich people also like it.There was a time when Mei Lanfang’s family would bring a pot of douzhi outside every afternoon.A bowl of bean juice, in the eyes of ordinary people, nothing special, but in the writer’s pen, is a story, a section of elegant words.People who enjoy life, from the day of retirement, study “life”, enhance the fireworks of the family.Seriously rolling dumpling skin, do dumplings, waiting for children to come home to taste;Make a dish of mapo tofu with homemade seasonings;Boil a bowl of porridge, with warm fire, without fire……As long as you observe carefully, you will find that the simple meals become rich and colorful.Enjoy being alone and learn to be with yourself.Retired, from now on, “people walk tea cool”, no longer have a position, there is no interest trading friends, even ask you for help relatives, also disappeared.Children have their own small family, can not accompany you every day.Husband and wife get along all their lives, but in the end, there is also a person to go first, a person to go after the trouble.Friends of the same age, elderly elders, will be less and less.Loneliness is inevitable.Jiang Xun said: “don’t think about how to eliminate loneliness, you can think about how to complete loneliness, how to give loneliness, how to respect loneliness, and peaceful coexistence with loneliness.”When a person is very old, will understand: accompany you the most long person, not others, but “you”.The twilight of life, just like the cold and lonely winter, as long as you open the heart of worry, seriously to understand, you will understand that “hanging alone” is also a way of life, can also be poetic.Learn to enjoy loneliness, the soul will become plump, life where to go, there will be no fear.Enjoy the romance of the old couple, the pursuit of poetry and distance.Many people, the first time they retire, start their travel plan.Look around while you can still walk.Husband and wife keep each other company and leave beautiful pictures wherever they go.In fact, romance is a kind of element, poetry and distance is an ideal life.Anyway, we can’t measure every landscape with our feet.Painter Huang Yongyu, his life in the most difficult time, his wife has been by his side and encouragement.He said: “our love, as strong as our life.”When life gets better, Hwang says, “Because of you, the story of my happiness with my children will be told in the world.”When the couple grew old, Huang yongyu left this line in the painting: “There are three small rooms, I also sit and stand for me.A wife, left look is her, right look is her.”It is not difficult to find that the real romance can be possessed anytime and anywhere, even if it is a nest, but also can help each other;Garden a hill, that is, all the year round.When you’re at work, you don’t have time to take care of your loved ones.Retirement, then in love, increase investment, live up to the debt.06 Enjoy the ordinary life, give up all the desire.Read such a feeling: in plain days, we live peacefully.Our heart has been polished by life, some numbness, and lamenting years of ruthless fate twists and turns.There is nothing special about the people who transcend the ordinary, they just make peace with the ordinary.I used to say that I wanted to be a scientist and a rich man, but I turned around and found that I was an ordinary person, and then I became an ordinary retiree.There are always people who, after retirement, still screw themselves over.Can toss successful people, not without, but the probability is very small.There is always a part of the elderly, because of greed, but fell into the “greedy for small gains, suffer big losses” routine.”Sometimes life must have, life without time don’t force”, accept the fate of the arrangement, the second half of life has been ordinary, you will have a good fortune in this world.”To live is to work, to live every day, every moment, in the details of life,” su Hei wrote in “Cultivate Love Well.”Life is all right if you have good in your heart and vice versa.After retirement, we can only think of our fate this way: although not to, to the heart.Make hope a direction, not a requirement.Life is good, don’t fool around, don’t think too much.To understand, life is not bitter, bitter heart.Author: Cloth clothes coarse food.Pay attention to my words, into your heart.The illustrations are from the Internet.

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