Wuling Hongguang strong enemy Jinbei Small Sea lion X30 on the new 5/6/7 + reversing image price is less than 50,000

In the micro-surface of the river’s lake, Wuling Hongguang is absolutely a “king”, over the years, the sales results ranked first in the MPV sales list, is a micro-surface recognized by fans.However, where there are rivers and lakes, there are rivals. Recently, Wuling Hongguang ushered in a strong enemy, gold cup small sea lion X30 came from the new news, and pushed the commercial central air conditioning version, with the official guiding price of 46,900 yuan.In the Jinbei Small Sea Lion X30 family, this time, the commercial central air conditioning version is the most high-end model.In terms of design, there is not much difference between the new car and the ordinary version. It is still family-style design, with grille before the small size is smoked and double headlights with thick lines.At the same time, the body of the upper and lower double match color, than the ordinary micro model looks more atmospheric.Compared with the ordinary version, the new car’s biggest change in configuration.It is reported that the new car added many rare at the same level of high value configuration, such as double steam air conditioning, reversing image, tire pressure monitoring, front and rear fog lights, front boneless wipers, remote control keys and other equipment are arranged in place.It is reported that the size of the new car is 4200/1680/1930mm, and the wheelbase is 2700mm.Compared with the size of Wuling Hongguang top matching model, the length, width and height are 4390/1660/1750mm, and the wheelbase is 2720mm.Or Wuling Hongguang bigger circle.Jinbei Little Sea Lion X30 commercial central air conditioning version adopts 5/6/7 seat layout, with side sliding door.It is worth mentioning that the new car has a container version.In terms of power, the new car goes the right route and there are not too many surprises.Small Sea lion X30 business central air conditioning version, power combination of 1.5L+5 speed manual transmission, maximum power of 75 kW.Compared with wuling Hongguang’s 1.5L engine, the maximum power of The X30 is 73 kW, which is on the same level as Wuling Hongguang.Moreover, the new car is equipped with EPS electronic body stability control, aluminum alloy rims and other equipment.Ghost car view: Jincup small Sea lion X30 to high-end extension, the new car is the biggest feature of configuration, but also with three kinds of seat layout, side sliding door.Clearly is to grab the high-end market with Wuling Hongguang, then, the new car can succeed?It remains to be seen what fans think of this, leave a message to ghost brother.

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