Resist emotional infighting

Don’t confine yourself to a corner.Emotions are like water. Steady emotions are a trickle that nourishes everything.Unstable emotions are roaring waves that can drown everything around them in an instant.Do not underestimate the impact of emotion on life, many people often fall into a kind of emotional internal friction: work was criticized by the leader, feel wronged, constantly recall, always feel that the other party is deliberately suppress their own;When you have a conflict with a friend in your life, you can’t stop reminiscing about the argument and dwelling on the other person’s mistakes.If a person’s energy is spent in guessing others to go, in a state of long-term fatigue, will not be able to perceive the joy of life.Over time, even if you haven’t done anything all day, you still feel tired.This kind of tiredness is called emotional internal friction.If you don’t let yourself go, you are consuming yourself.If these negative emotions are not correct and timely relief, it will become more and more unscrupulous, and finally will only make their mood more and more low.In fact, a lot of troubles are caused by the obsession with the small things in front of you, which magnifies the unpleasant side in your subconscious mind.To fly into a rage over a trifle, to grieve over a misunderstanding, to doubt yourself over a criticism is of no use.Try to get out of the vortex of negative emotions and let the light in, and the gloom will be swept away.Famous gallery | Lu Yifei too emotional person, is also great for your body.Don’t underestimate those negative emotions, they may be eating away at your health.Don’t ignore your negative emotions. The best way to get rid of them is to channel them instead of letting them go or trying to cover them up.A medical psychologist believes that all diseases in the world are the result of the body’s immune system losing a battle.Those sad emotions, difficult to put down the troubles, will precipitate in the body.A person’s brain temporarily forget, but the body will always remember.Find ways to get rid of negative emotions and don’t make your heart sick.A person’s mental capacity is limited, when you put too much negative emotions, happiness can not live in.The only way to keep your heart clean is to keep it clean.Famous gallery | Lu Yifei many times, people are not willing to immerse yourself in the negative emotion, but don’t know how to come out.How to get rid of negative emotions?The key is to embrace your negative emotions.A lot of times we think negative emotions are bad, so we choose to hold on to them and hide them, and over time, they explode out of control.Negative emotions happen to everyone and there is no shame in them.Try to embrace it and live your life to the fullest.A lot of trouble in life comes from thinking too much and doing too little.When you are busy, there are no miscellaneous ideas in your mind.Get out and exercise once in a while, and your physical health will improve your mental health as well.The world is so wide, don’t confine yourself to one corner.Even if you do suffer emotional burnout, don’t panic or worry, adjust your state and get back on track with a positive life.Many of our physical problems in life are emotional problems.If the setbacks of life, let you feel painful, then, might as well abandon miscellaneous thoughts, clean up the garbage in the heart, let the sun shine into the heart.

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