Leling City Yunhong street to carry out the “East Road Wooden Clappers Yuanxiao feeling warm left behind run childlike innocence” activities

On February 15, yunhong street launched a series of activities, “East Road Wooden Clappers Make Yuanxiao feeling warm left behind run childlike innocence,” to accompany left-behind children to spend an unforgettable and happy Lantern Festival.Wang Juanjuan, director of Yunhong Street People’s Congress, gave the children a vivid safety knowledge class, focusing on children’s safety knowledge such as drowning prevention, carbon monoxide poisoning prevention, traffic safety.Through on-site explanation and interactive question and answer, we will popularize safety knowledge to children and improve their safety awareness and self-prevention ability.Happy guess lantern riddles Lantern Festival!Guessing lantern riddles is a unique folk entertainment activity in China, showing the intelligence of the working people and their yearning for a better life.Volunteers write riddles on paper and stick them on lanterns for children to guess. The scene is happy and full of laughter, which is particularly warm and peaceful.I salute to the national flag with the magnificent national anthem played, the bright five-star red flag slowly rising, the children solemn and solemn, to the national flag, sing the national anthem, solemn and sacred flag-raising ceremony.East Road Wooden Clappers Performance celebrate Yuanxiao 2022.01.15 During the performance, the opera singers gave full play to the art of east Road Wooden Clappers, fully demonstrating the superb artistic level and charm of the opera singers.The audience listened to the performance, from time to time bursts of applause, for the Lantern Festival added joy and auspicious festive atmosphere.This activity not only let the children feel the atmosphere of traditional culture, experience the lively atmosphere of the festival, but also let the children in learning in the fun, teaching in the fun to spend a new style of Lantern Festival.

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