February 12 game interpretation | overseas materials | half the recommended score analysis score reference!

Here is the ultimate selection chat ball, original release, today to bring you Saturday football information interpretation, the game to see!Manchester united have just been held to a draw by the underdogs and now the race for fourth place is getting tough.Rangnick is under a lot of pressure as Southampton looked well on their way to a win over Tottenham hotspur last time around, but the numbers are strong enough to support the Red devils.Southampton’s strength is still underdog, their defence is not a small problem, United’s home attack, must be full attack, lest the Saints defence can not defend, under normal conditions, the Red devils still have a better chance.Sat 002 Championship Hudders v Sheffield United huddersfield are unbeaten in 13 consecutive games and are in excellent form.And huddersfield are unbeaten in their last six home games with three wins and three draws.Huddersfield have won four, drawn one and lost two of their past seven meetings.Saturday 003 Bundesliga Paderborn v Dresden 2022/2/12 20:30 Paderborn have drawn and lost their last two games, while Dresden have lost their last three games, with both sides struggling to get a win.Paderborn have lost three of their last four home games and their home-court advantage is nothing.Paderborn have won three of their last five meetings, giving the team a psychological advantage.Sat 005 Cadiz VS Celta celta are unbeaten in their last 3 games with 2 wins and 1 draw.And the cadiz recent team suffered 2 consecutive losses, the team is in a slump.Moreover, Cadiz has struggled to win its last 13 home games, and the team’s home-court advantage is not evident.Cadiz have won only one of their last five meetings and are underdogs.Lazio were knocked out of the cup by AC Milan in midweek, ending a four-game unbeaten run in all competitions and demoralised.On the other hand, Bologna drew with Empoli, losing their last four games and not being in good form, lazio are not in good shape.Bayern Munich need to find their best form in the champions League as they face the knockout stages of the champions League in the middle of this month.The last round of the league and Leipzig won a more thrilling game, this game away against Bochum, the Bundesliga Needs to find a dominant force;Bochum, who lost the first leg of the season to Bayern by seven goals, are hardly matched in quality.Frankfurt are ninth in the league on 31 points while Wolfsburg are 12th on 24.Frankfurt beat weak Stuttgart 3-2 in their last bundesliga match, ending a run of three successive league games without a win.Wolfsburg have not had a good season and the team has lost a number of away games recently.Everton failed to continue their fa Cup run under new manager Frank lampard. They were beaten by Newcastle united in the last round of the league.Leeds united last round league and Villa staged a goal battle, physical aspects or consumption is not small.The following views, only for reference!

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