There are nodules in the body of the person, as far as possible to eat these 4 “hair”, do not eat or good

Now, with the continuous development of society, the rhythm of the city is also gradually speed up, people’s pressure is also gradually increase, so for a long time can cause healthy people suffering from nodules, nodules is not a disease, most are benign, and no special treatment, common sister have thyroid nodules, breast nodules and some other nodules.1. What are the causes of nodules?1. Emotional instability anxiety, depression and irritability this kind of unstable mood is easy to lead to thyroid and mammary gland stimulation in the body, which will also cause adverse effects on the normal operation of the body, so it will suffer from this kind of nodules. People with this kind of nodules must adjust their state of mind and maintain a good mood.No matter what things do not excessive to anxiety irritable, because this kind of mood will lead to endocrine dysfunction in the body, disrupt the normal operation of the body, for the health of the body is very adverse.2. Lack of iodine is need a lot of trace elements of body to maintain the health of the body, if the body lacks iodine, can reduce heavy thyroid function, can be appropriate to eat some seaweed or kelp, such as some food, but high potassium will also be goiter, so can the appropriate reasonable intake of iodine.3. Genetic in nodules which on the one hand, genetic also can play a part, however, thyroid nodule is a part of it, because by genetic factors resulting in abnormal hormone secretion or congenital thyroid hormone, there’s no way to their synthesis, will cause the body goiter,, the phenomenon of the nodule.Two, now have nodules suggest eating less 1. The four food tonic thing in the world everyday people with nodules need to do some homework on food, want to know what eat what food should not eat some food, although now life is good than before too much, but people with nodules can don’t eat too food, such as ginseng, velvet antler that some tonic food,Although these foods are very nutritious, they are also very good for the body. That is one of the main elements that can stimulate the growth of nodules for people with nodules. It can also aggravate the growth of nodules and aggravate the disease.2. The food’s like some dairy colostrum these health care products contain large amounts of hormone, although is has health care function, but for people with nodules is very bad, the inside of the hormone is able to disrupt the normal secretion of hormone in the human body can also damage the body balance, accelerate the growth of the nodules, even may lead to cancer.3. Spicy greasy food now many young people don’t pay attention to diet health, all love to eat some junk food, like some barbecue chaffy dish malatang Fried chicken burger Fried string of these, although the mouth addiction, that is to increase burden to our body health, also is very bad to our health, so people with nodules must tube shut up,Stop eating these foods, which are irritating to the body and indirectly accelerate growth.4. High iodine food like kelp, seaweed, Shanghai, these have plenty of iodine, but too much iodine intake is not conducive to the growth and development of thyroid, and also can stimulate the growth of nodules speed, so say to people who already have solve, can’t eat this kind of food for a long time or you will make the excess iodine in the body cause the deterioration of the illness.Conclusion: in daily life, we must pay attention to our own body, such as thyroid nodules, breast nodules, pulmonary nodules, these nodules are basically benign, but also have malignant but few, in the usual must pay attention to their own behavior eating habits, do not let the disease further aggravation.

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