Now I can deposit 500,000 yuan in the bank for two years, how much interest can I get every year

Now the golden period of real estate investment has passed, the behavior of real estate speculation is contrary to the main keynote of “housing is not speculation”.Some hands have 500 thousand spare money, originally prepare to start with a suite again, can see the trend of real estate, decided to wait and see a year or two, temporarily put in the bank to eat interest.So how much interest can you earn if you deposit 500,000 yuan in the bank today for two years?Bank current someone says, 500 thousand is pen huge sum of money, few people can put it in fixed time?Having said that, some people are so rich that 500,000 May only be their pocket money for half a month. Therefore, they don’t care about the interest of those three melons and two jujube at all. What they value is the liquidity of their current demand.Still did not check when the person puts money automatically turn put, 1 years definite after put expire, also did not turn manually put, so the interest of the next year also wants to plan according to current interest.When 500,000 yuan is deposited in current account, the interest rate is about 0.35%, and the annual interest rate is only 500,000 *0.35%=1750 yuan.If a lump-sum deposit and withdrawal time deposit has a two-year term and matures, the depositor should try his best to find a bank with a higher interest rate.Among state-owned banks, icbc currently offers a two-year deposit rate of 2.25 percent and does not have a special fixed deposit.Agricultural Bank and Bank of China, however, set up a two-year exclusive fixed deposit, with an interest rate of 2.6 percent.If deposited therein, the annual interest is 500000*2.6%=13000 yuan.So, even if there is a state-owned bank, also suggest more investigation, may be able to let yourself enjoy a higher rate of return.At present, icbc, AGRICULTURAL Bank of China and Bank of China can each pay 2.7% on two-year CERTIFICATES of deposit.On the official website of China Money Net, a number of small and medium-sized banks offer interest rates of up to 2.9% on two-year CDS.If they feel that these small and medium-sized banks are not safe, hengfeng Bank, a national joint-stock commercial bank, also introduced two-year certificates of deposit with 2.85% and 2.9% interest rates.Annual interest can amount to: 500000*2.9%=14500 yuan analysis so, if have 500 thousand temporarily do not prepare to buy a house, prepare to put in the bank to eat interest, the proposal does not want to save current, remember to tick automatic transfer deposit, lest plan interest with current, that is not economical.In addition, in the choice of bank fixed-term and certificates of deposit, we should also pay attention to more research, choose a good bank, the preliminary work is done, these two years may enjoy higher interest rates, it can be said that the knife is not wrong to chop wood workers.As for whether to choose bank fixed deposit or certificate of deposit, the advance withdrawal of the two should be calculated according to the interest rate, depending on whether you value the yield rate or the liquidity.Some banks support partial withdrawal in advance, but the remaining amount cannot be less than 200,000 yuan.However, there is no such limitation on the bank’s time deposit. When you need to withdraw 310,000 yuan in advance in an emergency, the bank’s time deposit can still have 190,000 yuan left at the fixed interest rate, while the certificate of deposit cannot, so you have to withdraw all of it.It’s a matter of opinion.In addition, after collecting information, we found that it is difficult for two-year deposit products to beat inflation.Some provinces and cities are expected to hold the rise in the CONSUMER price index (CPI) around 3 percent this year.If a person wants to increase the value of real estate speculation, they generally want to earn more, or at least beat inflation.At today’s rates, deposits alone are hard to do, and some of them will have to be appreciated.If you want to choose stock funds, stocks and other ways, these may bring tens of percent of the return, but also may be in front of a negative sign, let a person suffer heavy losses, they do not guarantee capital.If you really choose, do not recommend too much configuration, so as to avoid bad luck.If you want to add value without risk, you can follow the general trend of the country, choose the foreign trade industry to invest in the two years to achieve more than ten consecutive growth, import and export double rise.It is one of the three carriages driving China’s economic growth. In the past two years, China has introduced round after round of stable foreign trade policies to promote its rapid recovery and rapid development.Can choose some safe and break-even foreign trade economic platform sales commission, you can enjoy 12% profit annualized, but only need 30 days cycle.If you use 500,000 yuan to participate in commission sales, you can earn 5,000 yuan a month, 60,000 yuan a year, which can help you to steadily beat inflation and achieve value-added without risk.All in all, nowadays, if you deposit 500,000 yuan in the bank, you can earn more than 10,000 yuan in annual interest for a two-year CD or certificate of deposit.If you think that this income can not beat inflation, you might as well pay attention to the general trend of the country, choose some policies to value-added, take advantage of the wind, get twice the result with half the effort.

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