Information direct response fast field visit defuse eyebrow

Recently, huoyuantong platform received the first batch of chenghai installed huoyuantong emergency terminal to report the situation of living difficulties, immediately organized young volunteers to visit the field investigation visit, and to the local community cadres after the verification of the situation, donated emergency money and New Year gift package.In Chen Bo’s home in Haihou Village, the old and cramped room is crowded and cluttered with the daily life of widowed elders.Volunteers on the scene for Chen Bo to send emergency money, and the elderly cordial communication.The elderly woman was moved by the volunteers’ caring and warm care and thanked them repeatedly.Aunt Lin, who lives in Huxin village, is now old, “after 90” she and her disabled son, this should be busy, but also to take care of his son, which makes her more mentally and physically exhausted.The volunteers brought emergency money and a New Year gift bag, which made the old man smile.

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