How to keep fit scientifically?Hangzhou has delivered all this to its residents point-to-point

Business Daily news (Reporter: Xie Ting Kai, Reporter: Wang Xiaoyun) Taiji Eight danjin, square dance, aerobics — in order to let the middle-aged and elderly have a deeper understanding of sports, Hangzhou Sports Bureau sponsored, Hangzhou social Sports Guidance Association undertook the “National Fitness · Meet Hangzhou” 2021 Hangzhou Scientific fitness public welfare class into the cultural auditorium activity,Specially set up fitness methods suitable for rural residents, a total of 21 rural cultural auditoriums, conducted more than 400 guiding service classes, guided more than 12,000 villagers to participate in scientific fitness exercise.”National Fitness · Meet hangzhou” 2021 Hangzhou Scientific fitness Public welfare class is just an epitome of the series of activities carried out by Hangzhou Sports Bureau.Since last year, the Hangzhou Municipal Sports Bureau has carried out scientific fitness public welfare classroom activities, some of which are undertaken by the Hangzhou Social Sports Guidance Association.The activities include “Hangzhou Scientific fitness public welfare class (into the rural culture hall)”, “Hangzhou Scientific fitness public welfare class (into the organs and units)”, “Hangzhou Scientific fitness public welfare class (Asian Games cultural knowledge into the streets and communities)”.In addition to the hangzhou science and fitness public welfare classroom into the rural culture hall, the city sports bureau has also expanded the radius of activities to institutions and communities.According to the staff of the municipal Sports Bureau: “In terms of institutions and units, we have carried out 138 class hours of courses, with a total number of more than 1,600 cadres participating.The courses include aerobics, yoga, baduanjin, fitness dance, taijiquan and so on.In terms of community, ten streets in the main urban area of Hangzhou are involved.The activity invited the publicity staff of Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee and the propaganda teachers of Asian Games Channel to carry out the cultural knowledge of The Asian Games for the community residents, the Asian Games related video exhibition, the Asian Games knowledge manual study, and organized social sports instructors to carry out basic fitness method demonstration teaching.The activity carried out 104 class hours, involving more than 4100 people.Through the activities, hangzhou positive energy in the new era, promote the formation of scientific fitness culture.”In addition, centering on the development concept of “run a good meeting, improve a city”, Hangzhou Sports Bureau has carried out various sports and fitness activities to create an atmosphere of national fitness and shared Asian Games.As of December 31 last year, the total number of “Four Forward Asian Games” activities was 714.Among them, “Asian Games into institutions” activities 383, “Asian Games into communities” activities 292.In the next step, the Municipal Sports Bureau will continue to do a good job in the “Four Steps of the Asian Games” according to the requirements of the “Outline of Hangzhou Asian Games Urban Action Plan”, so as to let more citizens participate in sports and fitness, and increase the happiness of life.

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