Happy and polite, the highest discount of 7.7% quanzhou Hyundai IX35

What to do with the endless projects in the company, the congestion at the subway entrance every day, and no personal space?I want a Hyundai IX35, I want a Hyundai IX35, I want a Hyundai IX35.Important things say three times!Recently, Beijing Modern Qingmeng International Trade 4S shop Modern IX35 sales, color optional, currently buy some models of car limited time special 10,000 yuan, activity time 02 05 -02 05, interested friends can go to the shop to consult to buy, shop address:Quanzhou Qingmeng Development Zone Yingbin Avenue (near the former shop bus station) promotion time from February 05, 2022 to February 05, 2022 Hyundai IX35 latest quotation model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price discount range Quanzhou quotation 240T GDiDCT Two-drive Lead edition GLS139,800 yuan 2.0-L Automatic two-drive comfort edition GLS139,800 yuan 2.0-L automatic two-drive lead edition GLS139,800 yuan 240T GDiDCT two-drive flagship edition top155,800 RMB 145,800 RMB

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