Double non-undergraduate students are admitted by the world’s top 100 financial institutions

I. Student environment: Jilin University of Finance and Economics Accounting major average score 84.2 internships, 1 scientific research, ielts 6.2, application problems: 1. The undergraduate environment of the student is not in the list of many universities can not apply for.Students learn to train technical major is financial accounting, what should apply for is French financial accounting and financial major, natural environment is larger.The average score of students is about 84, without strong market competitiveness.In the first semester of the junior year, none of the students had any internship related to business major, and they did not participate in the social practice activities on campus.Iii. Plan and Scheme: We have carried out cumulative communication with students to determine the position position and employment city that students want to choose in the future.For students to choose a major for employment.Instead of choosing a simple finance major, we chose two directions of financial investment and financial industry.After deciding the school, with my obvious perseverance, the student learned IELTS in his spare time and participated in the internship of a securities company.The student performed very well in the first internship and was strongly recommended by the supervisor to get the second internship related to a financial institution.In the first semester of the senior year, students participated in scientific research projects and published CPCI graduation thesis.With the support of high-quality practice and scientific research projects, students’ documents are more abundant and highlight their own shining points, thus improving the advantages of recruitment.Iv. Hired school: Financial Accounting and Finance major of Southampton University.Finance, Accounting, Finance and project Investment technology at Newcastle University.University of Exeter finance accounting finance.Newcastle University is a member of the Russell Group of universities, as well as the N8 Alliance, the European University Research Council, the University Research Council for the Commonwealth of Nations, and the Anglo-Japanese RENKEI.In addition, New York University is also one of the universities in Germany with many scientific research materials from EU countries.In addition to our own campus in Newcastle, THE University also operates a Singapore and A Malaysia campus in Singapore and Malaysia respectively.The university of Newcastle is located in Newcastle, one of the “eight key cities” in England. Its predecessor was the School of Medicine and Surgery founded in 1834 and the ArmstrongCollege founded in 1871.King’s College (King'S College, The Federal University of Durham, established a separate institution with Durham University in 1963 by Act of Congress.University of Newcastle Upon Tyne.The University of Newcastle has been awarded a TEF Top prize in the 2017 UK Government Classroom Teaching Excellence Framework Quality Ranking.In the QS World University Rankings 2022, the University of Newcastle is ranked 134th in the world with 5 stars.146th in the world in The Times Higher Vocational Education World University Rankings 2022;Ranked 156th in 2022U.S. News Global University Rankings;In the 2021 Academic research ranking of world universities in soft Science, it ranks 200-300 globally.To learn more

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