5 sets of luxury villas, the case is more high-end, build a village who do not envy

Every Chinese New Year home, see other people’s changes every year, live in a new house, not envy, this is not easy to make money, how can not go home to build a villa, also let the villagers see.If you have a large population, the homestead is big enough, you might as well look at these drawings brought by today’s small series.Each takes a case, have owner to build, need not worry about function and layout problem completely, farmer construction team also can build, low-key in revealing the atmosphere, a person of extraordinary residence already inspect feeling overflowing.No. : DC0318 Layers: three layers structure form: frame structure main cost: 420-500 thousand room: 16.2 meters Depth: 10.6 meters Floor area: 165.79 square meters Building area: 412.61 square meters No. : DC0496 layers: two layers structure form: brick concrete structure main cost: 340-440,000 room:15.9 meters depth: 11.8 meters Floor area: 167.74 square meters Building area: 343.91 square meters No. : DC0378 Floors: three floors structure form: brick and concrete structure Main cost: 40,000-500,000 Opening: 12.8 meters Depth: 11.45 meters Floor area: 132.73 square meters Building area:405.84 square meters No. : DC0326 Layers: three layers structure form: frame structure Main body cost: more than 500,000 Opening: 16.5 meters Depth: 13.8 meters Floor area: 229.61 square meters Building area: 486.15 square meters No. : DC0462 layers: three layers structure form: brick-concrete structure main body cost:350-450,000 room: 11.7 meters depth: 11.1 meters Floor area: 128.5 square meters Construction area: 352.5 square meters

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