2022 Spring Festival fun: Grandma is haunted by a bunch of grandchildren, and the reunion dinner can only be seen but not eaten…

# Reunion dinner # by Yi Jian (Hubei Tongcheng) Granny Mei is my wife.Since receiving a call from her three daughters to come home for the Spring Festival in the 12th month of 2021, she has been dancing all day.I, too, was pleasantly surprised.I’m happy to be able to listen to my grandchildren report their grades again.Surprised is to soar 3 11 people, worried about his wife’s age, the New Year’s meal kitchen kung fu can not be consumed.The three daughters are all working in three towns of Jiangcheng and have married. The eldest and second have two children respectively, and the third has only one child so far, with five grandchildren in the shape of a ladder.The oldest grandson is in fifth grade.The second grandson is in the fourth grade.Three grandchildren are in first grade;Four grandchildren in kindergarten;The little grandson is only 2 years old and still a “crying nose!”In order to receive the three daughters and son-in-law to bring their children back for the Spring Festival, I arranged the duty schedule, menu and so on early.Standing kitchen cooking, washing vegetables and cutting vegetables, placing bowls and chopsticks, passing dishes and pouring wine, washing dishes and sweeping the floor, making tea after dinner and other specific matters, by the daughter of the three families in turn.Her wife, Mei, was assigned to the children’s class as “monitor”, mainly responsible for accompanying her five grandchildren to eat, drink and poop.Mei obeyed my arrangement, took office, full of confidence, never tired.Which know, a New Year’s eve dinner to eat down, Mei mother-in-law straight shake her head, blame me: “I am too difficult, you arrange unfair……”Originally, THE New Year’s Eve dinner I arranged A, C two tables, A table for the big table, I and 6 children A table;Table C is a small chair on a low table. Mei sits at table C with five “toad mice”.The number of dishes is the same, but there is no chili on table C.When the father and son on the A table push A cup for A cup and talk happily, the “kindergarten” on the C table is not happy: “Do not eat loudly!”Mrs. Mei hurriedly added, “Well said!Well said!”The people at the TABLE had to lower their voices and clink their glasses without Shouting.Moment, “the first grade” and the words: “sister’s bowl better, I want to change the bowl!”Mei had to help him change a bowl;A wave did not level a wave, “crying nose king” throw away the hand “climb spoon” way: “pee pee pee pee pee!”Mei mother-in-law hurriedly dropped chopsticks, hug him rushed into the bathroom;Before the sniffer could return to the table, The fourth year started messing with him again: “Why are the adults sitting at the high table and we at the low table?”This stabbed the hornet’s nest, a few tricks 23, 45 collective “protest” rice did not finish eating chopsticks, tea to tea, fire fire, fireworks put fireworks, watch TV watch TV, write homework write homework……Despite Mei’s good words, the grandchildren left the table ahead of time.Rectify New Year’s eve dinner, Mei mother-in-law almost no time to taste a meal.Seeing grandma’s tired appearance, “fifth grade” eldest sun said: “We are all praised by the school students, back home to accompany grandma and grandpa New Year, don’t let him they worry about, their own things to do their own.”As soon as the words fell, the two, three, four and five people immediately returned to their seats and picked up the bowl again…New Year’s Day morning, help grandma get up, help grandma dress, help grandma take shoes and socks, help grandma squeeze toothpaste, pour wash face water……Five grandchildren are out in full force.Finally enjoy the filial piety of grandchildren, Mei mother-in-law face showed a knowing smile.She secretly said to me, “THIS Spring Festival of 2022, I actually had a good time!”Spring Festival 2022

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