You don’t know how ludden cards play

Hello, everyone, I am the rabbit strategy group horse monkey, today to share with you a card high burst of new play, a yellow card can instantly damage the other party C, compared to the time card, the damage is much higher, but the relative fault tolerance will be lower, after all, there is always something to sacrifice.We can try to match the first platoon, familiar with the damage, so that we platoon to cooperate with teammates to kill, as long as we are equipped with molding can be said to be no lack of damage, as long as the control can hit the disabled, teammates can fill a little damage can kill, cooperate to catch single is very good.Hero brief analysis card operation is not difficult, mainly lies in the game understanding, such as two and a half minutes we know the crab will refresh, four minutes canyon and dragon refresh, we advance to clear the line walk to help teammates kill or force the enemy to go home, at this time to take resources will be very safe, this is the game understanding,Sometimes it allows us to avoid a lot of risks to get what we want, which is, to put it simply, a worthless prostitute.Costume aspect: Recommendation Talent: Skill Combination:If you want to hit damage or cut into blue can use the blue card, you can use the yellow card, group reduction can use red card, we can play a very high damage EWAQAA, gear forming words can be a second kill a full blood crust, the card no LianZhao, main is cut, it should not be difficult to cut, as long as we don’t try so hard to go,Note: the card’s wandering ability is very strong, especially when we have a big move, as far as possible before the resource refresh to GANK a wave, the best is to let us have enough time to go home to repair equipment, so that we will have equipment crushing when the group, it is easier to win the group battle.Analysis of line rhythm: in the early stage, we were cautious in line alignment, so as not to be caught. After pushing the second wave of line, we could go to the center of the opponent’s F4 and put an eye in it, which could catch the opponent’s movement of playing field with a large probability, which could effectively help us defend against Gank and give our side more options for playing field.Crab refresh before we quickly push the line to help play wild, it is best to play wild together, we yellow card fixed first hand to hit the other party a person or kill, so that the other party will generally give up the fight for resources, we can white piao, whether it is xiaolong, canyon or big dragon and far ancient dragon are equally applicable.Try to give the yellow card to the C position of the other team or the person who is the biggest threat to our back row. We must pay attention to our output position without displacement. Do not let our position be too close to the front, and try to be close to the auxiliary or AD.Welcome everyone private reply 1 can be at any time to get each hero 1 figure to understand the real-time update version of the strong hero play to help you easily on the diamond oh ~

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