Vanke completed the issuance of the third term notes of 2 billion yuan in 2022 with an interest rate of 3.00%

China Vanke Co.,Ltd. disclosed the issuance of the third medium-term note in 2022 on February 25, according to the Beijing Financial Asset Exchange.After reading the announcement, China Vanke Co.,Ltd. issued “22 Vanke MTN003” on February 23, 2022, with a maturity of three years, the starting date of interest is February 25, 2022, and the payment date is February 25, 2025. The actual total amount of issuance is 2 billion yuan, and the issuance rate is 3.00%.There were 25 families that applied for compliance purchase, and the amount of compliance purchase was 6.22 billion yuan, with the highest price of 3.49% and the lowest price of 2.90%. There were 10 families that applied for effective purchase, and the amount of effective purchase was 2.23 billion yuan.

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