A shares: retail investors, is holding A holiday?Or is it better to hold coins during the festival?

Guide language: why does long holiday always appear easily before drop?Is it bad to hold shares on holidays?Every long holiday before, there will be a platitude of the problem, is to hold money or hold a holiday?Which one is better?What is the impact?In terms of these two concepts, holding currency during the holiday is nothing more than liquidating stocks and spending the holiday with yuan in hand.Holding shares for the holidays is the opposite.Not necessarily full, but there is always a certain position in the hand to spend a long holiday.So which of these two approaches is better?Why is it that every long holiday is preceded by a discussion of the two modes of operation?What are the pros and cons of both forms?In fact, in itself, these two ways of operating the stock market does not have much impact.Whether holding shares or holding coins for festivals, an operator with a certain technical background and mature operation style will not be confused.Why are funds afraid of long vacations?Nothing more than a long holiday is long, it is possible to spread or release some bad news from the society, such a major news may have a greater negative impact on the stock market, leading to a sharp fall in the stock market after the opening.Investors who have this idea will choose to sell their stocks before the holiday, and wait for the possible short run to be exhausted before entering the market after the holiday.Some investors, on the other hand, expect nothing bad and even good news during the holiday season, as long as they are comfortable with the pattern of their holdings.That is to say, before the establishment of a warehouse is very confident, and not blindly choose a stock.My current position is also holding a stock, of course, is also a holding holiday.It is because I have confidence in the selection of this stock before, and in the days before the big drop also maintained a very good resistance.So I think there will be a big post-holiday bounce.Although I am also in a shallow set, but I do not feel worried.In fact, in the stock market operation, the establishment of self-confidence is very important.If you don’t have confidence in the stock you own, then a single stock that can double is probably a good 10% or even 20% profit at best.Of course, combined with the current disk, because the market in recent days in a large downward dip, so may hold money friends will be a little more, this is excusable.At present, from the perspective of the news, the society does not appear to be brewing possible bad or good, but it is the time for the annual report to be released recently, so this point needs to remind everyone is that there may be a thunderstorm in the annual report, the key is to prevent the occurrence of black swan events.Because in this respect, before I stepped on thunder, there is a stock affected by the annual report negative, to stop substantially adjusted 20%.Since then, I’ve been picking stocks that have already been published almost every quarter or annual report.Even if a bearish stock is issued, wait for the bearish release to complete before entering, so as to avoid the occurrence of such a black swan event.Because the pre-disclosure time of the stock is uncertain, may be released at any time.If it is good luck, catch up with good news, substantial profits, but also can eat meat.But what you have to guard against is the low probability.Only in this way can we fundamentally consider our principal and eliminate the risk that may occur with small probability, which is the key to long-term survival in the stock market.Long press the point of praise, the stock changhong!Easy way finance, daily solution dish.

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