Xi ‘an Baqiao District No.6 Kindergarten Spring Practice activities

Sun Xun (correspondent Zhang Yunduo correspondent Zhang Ling) old year, beaming to welcome the New Year.Half of the winter vacation is over. From January 30 to February 6, 2022, the senior class of No.6 Kindergarten in Xi ‘an City cleverly combined the traditional holiday Spring Festival with the connection between children and children, and carefully designed a series of comprehensive winter vacation practice activities, hoping that children can spend every day of the vacation fully and happily!The first phase was carried out by “NianWeiEr draw me” activities, teachers and parents to children recommended illustrated picture books related to the Spring Festival, children can boldly to other children according to the pictures, on the eve of the Spring Festival couplet, set off firecrackers, such as history and custom, deepened the children about the knowledge and understanding of the Spring Festival, inheritance and carry forward the excellent culture of the Chinese nation.In the second stage, the activity “Spring Festival in my eyes” was held. Teachers and parents encouraged children to talk about the Spring Festival based on their life experience. The children were also excited to share their reasons for loving the Spring Festival: receiving lucky money, hanging lanterns…Childlike language everywhere reveals children’s expectations and yearning for the Spring Festival, full of flavor!The third stage carried out the “Lovely children send blessings” activity, children with their own language blessing everyone: tiger spirit, tiger spirit, the Year of the Tiger…Auspicious words carry the festival’s “reunion, love, hope, happiness”, but also permeate the traditional culture and connotation of the Chinese nation.Teachers, parents and children all felt the sweetness and happiness of huhu from the blessings of huhu!Tender voice, pure blessing!The New Year, the new beginning, the new growth, the children have a lot of good vision and wishes for the New Year!Every wish with a strong expectation, contains a strong love!Contains the children’s good wishes for the New Year!Here I wish the children in the New Year: like a tiger with wings added!Tiger Tiger alive!Peace and joy!Happy growth!Editor: Cheng Ke

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