West Second Ring Lexus UX car in the sale of 20% minimum down payment

Shijiazhuang west second Ring hua Hin or Lexus original imported luxury model supply, can test drive!Down payment of 51,800, a day for 140 yuan from a feng Guangfeng and Lexus replacement Lexus enjoy 3000-8000 yuan of subsidies to buy a high price of Lexus used cars, other brands can be purchased at a high price in the shop to buy a certified used car enjoy 30 days without reason return service!!Financial installment easy purchase!After-sales policy: 8 years / 200,000km (gasoline power), 10 years / 250,000km (hybrid power) Lexus (manufacturer) certified second-hand car service Old customer introduction successful purchase of lexus original bicycle, transfer to introduce 2 or more gift card 1000 yuan activities from February 13, 2022 to February 20, 2022

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