The Year of the Tiger meets the Olympic Games, childlike innocence to the future

Chunhua and autumn fruits, do not change the original intention, the New Year festival is still strong, the vitality of spring has come.Happy and comfortable winter vacation has ended, changxing County Taihu Street Central kindergarten “Taihu children”, ushered in a new semester.With the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics coming, taihu children from Taihu Street Central Kindergarten in Changxing County have come to support the Games.Let’s learn about the rules of the “Winter Olympics” in kindergarten.After the activity began, the children took the scorecard and began to experience the winter Olympic Games.The activity is composed of several events, such as “torch”, “ice and snow” passion, short track speed skating, “ice hockey”, “snowball”, “dry land”, “curling” and so on.Children form teams or participate in individual competitions, and play enthusiastically.Let the children experience the fun brought by sports, at the same time, strengthen their body, cultivate their sentiment, and increase their knowledge.After a series of efforts, the Taihu children finally collected six stamps on the score card, so the Taihu children can’t wait to receive their favorite gifts.In the activity of “Tiger Tiger alive, Taihu Children help the Winter Olympics”, the children felt the atmosphere of the Winter Olympics, appreciated the spirit of the Winter Olympics, and strive to be the disseminator and practitioner of the Winter Olympics activities. Let’s help the Winter Olympics together, let’s look forward to the future together!Through a series of activities, the children are happy, healthy and progressive festival atmosphere, to learn more about the customs of China’s traditional holiday, enjoy the fun of the festival, feel the classical charm of traditional Chinese culture, also combined with the content of the Olympics, strengthen the student’s sense of national pride and sense of honor, in their hearts planted the seeds of a love sports, serve the motherland.(Review: CAI Wenjie) Statement: This article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address:

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