Su Yiming read the name of the primary school scene exposure: often teach experience to students

These days Su yiming is amazing!Just 17 years old, he won gold in the men’s big jump snowboard final at the Beijing Winter Olympics.He has harvested a silver medal Su Yi wong was born in 2004 in jilin city, jilin province went to jilin city wanda experimental primary school when he elementary school teachers, parents, recorded the itsglobal “famous scenes” – he is a typical “king” is active in a variety of C a start way to bearing grand is one of the most beautiful the son grew up skills proficiency, for example the ground stood up and leftSu yiming, who has been learning to ski since the age of 4, is a special student. He insists on learning and training as well. She has impressed her primary school teacher very much.”But Su is a lively little boy who loves making friends and often teaches skiing experience to his classmates,” headteacher He Ling said, adding that Su participated in many competitions when he was young and his good results have always inspired his dream of becoming an Olympic champion.Yes, lively and lovely, I wish this hot-blooded young soaring in the top of the dream forever!Source: Xinhua

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