Shenzhen: The three cases have not caused any spread or spillover, and a 48-hour nucleic acid negative certificate is not required to leave Shenzhen during the Spring Festival

A press conference on epidemic prevention and control was held in Shenzhen on Thursday.All medium-risk areas will be cleared on January 26. At 24:00 on January 29, all containment, control and prevention areas will be lifted. The city will be in a state of normal prevention and control, and people’s work and life order will return to normal.During the Spring Festival, people are still advised to take personal protection measures, such as wearing masks and staying one meter apart, and various departments have joined hands to provide services for people.Shenzhen health committee level 2 inspectors Lin Hancheng, city traffic transport level 2 inspectors Xu Zhongping, city business bureau deputy director Zhou Mingwu, Chen shaohua, a deputy director of city culture tourism bureau of radio, film and television city market supervision bureau deputy director of the necessary, the city urban management and comprehensive law enforcement bureau deputy director Feng Zengjun release the latest situation of the epidemic prevention and control and answered reporters’ questions.Municipal propaganda deputy minister, municipal government news office director Wu Jun presided over the conference.A total of 18 cases of omicron have been reported in Shenzhen since January 7, according to Lin Hancheng, secondary inspector of the Shenzhen Municipal Health Commission.At present, 4 patients have been cured and discharged from hospital, while 14 are hospitalized in stable condition.After the outbreak of the epidemic on January 7, Shenzhen immediately went into emergency mode, adopting the most resolute, decisive, strict, comprehensive and thorough prevention and control measures, carrying out medical treatment, tracing the source of the epidemic, screening and control, nucleic acid testing, isolation and observation in a prompt and orderly manner, and dealing with the three cases of “01·07”, “01·15” and “01·18”.To achieve the 19-day trip code “star”, carefully do a good job in the closure control area of the people’s life and medical security, showing shenzhen speed, shenzhen strength and Shenzhen temperature.The prevention and control of the COVID-19 outbreak on January 07 achieved a victory for the time being. Except for the first case, all the 15 cases were found in close contact and screening among key populations. They belong to the same chain of transmission and are linked with each other with a clear chain.The epidemic mainly affected luohu district and Longgang District, and did not cause spread and spillover.The risk of the January 15 outbreak has basically been eliminated.Since the first and last case was detected in nucleic acid screening on January 15, there have been no new cases for 14 consecutive days, and the risk of the spread of the epidemic has basically been eliminated.The risks of the January 18 outbreak are generally under control.The case was found in routine tests conducted by staff at high-risk posts of closed-loop management of international aircrew settling in the hotel. According to the current survey, the red zone management was strictly implemented during the period, and there was no contact with people in the green zone, no community activities, and low risk of spilover of the epidemic.What should be paid attention to when people from other provinces to or from Shenzhen take a nucleic acid Spring Festival trip within 48 hours?Lin han-cheng said that people leaving Shenzhen can travel with the health code “green code”, carry out the prevention and control measures of “temperature measurement, scan code, wear masks”, and do not need to leave Shenzhen with a negative nucleic acid certificate of 48 hours.Strictly restrict travel to medium-high risk areas and counties (cities, districts and banners) where they are located, and do not travel to other counties (cities, districts and banners) where medium-high risk areas are located if it is not necessary;Avoid non-essential cross-border travel and try to avoid going to land border port cities outside the province.Those who have traveled to or returned to Shenzhen from medium-high risk areas and cities with local positive cases reported in the past 14 days must report immediately.The “four one” health management and “14-day self-health monitoring” will be implemented for those who have arrived (returned) from land border port cities within the past 14 days.To encourage cross-provincial migrant workers to complete a novel Coronavirus nucleic acid test within 48 hours after deep-entry, and to strengthen self-health monitoring;Colleges and universities or enterprises with a large number of migrant workers may require students or migrant workers to return to school or work with a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours;All organs, enterprises and public institutions should urge their personnel to take the initiative to declare their Spring Festival itinerary when returning to Shenzhen, and take the initiative to cooperate with the community to do a good job in epidemic prevention.”What needs to be emphasized here is that shenzhen’s transformation into a low-risk zone does not mean zero risk. We hope the general public will continue to strengthen their awareness of prevention.”Lam said people should still take protective measures, such as wearing masks, washing hands, ventilation, disinfection and social distancing, and actively cooperate with the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures.During the Spring Festival, public cultural venues and sports venues will strictly implement the opening requirements of “limited quantity, reservation and off-peak”. When going to venues, shopping malls and supermarkets and other crowded commercial venues, citizens are required to wear masks at all times, take temperature measurement and show their health code. Only when the health code is green can they enter the exhibition hall.”Of the 307 farmers’ markets in the city, 241 will operate normally during the Spring Festival. We will take effective measures to ensure stable supply and prices to meet the normal demand of citizens to buy vegetables.”Shenzhen market supervision bureau deputy director Chen Jianmin said.In order to protect the safety of the tongue tip of the citizens, the city of all imported frozen food pieces of disinfection, batch testing, involving the outer packaging of products, inner packaging and food itself, centralized supervision warehouse processing capacity ranks the forefront of the province.Since January, Shenzhen has introduced targeted prevention and control measures for disinfection sites and terminal sales of imported refrigerated fruits.During the Spring Festival, the Market Supervision Bureau of Shenzhen municipality focused on strengthening the supervision of food safety in the catering sector, urged catering service units and supermarkets and other food business units to strictly implement the main responsibility of epidemic prevention and control, and not relax the health monitoring and management of employees.Xu Zhongping, the second-level inspector of the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Transport, said that buses, subways and taxis in Shenzhen would open special lines and extend operation hours to meet the peak travel and return demands of citizens.Urban public transport, taxis and online ride-hailing will continue to strictly implement prevention and control measures such as wearing masks and ventilation and disinfection to ensure passengers’ safety.Citizens are required to carry a “green” health code on public transport and take personal protection measures at all times.Source: Shenzhen issued guangzhou Daily · New Flower city editor: Zhao Xiaoman

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