New tourism forms and new products in Sanya are showcasing tourists’ fancy New Year celebrations

Employees of Tianya Haijiao Scenic Spot interact with tourists during the Spring Festival holiday.Sanya, February 4 (reporter Wang Xiabin) More than half of the Spring Festival holiday, tourists in sanya tourism economic circle to enjoy new formats and new products, “style” the New Year, the major scenic spots also ushered in the Year of the Tiger.Tourists visit the Nanshan Cultural Tourism zone in Sanya, south China’s Hainan Province, Feb. 2, 2019.At the beginning of the Lunar New Year, an activity with the theme of “Tianya Singing Spring, poetic travel to the World” was held at the Tianya Haijiao Tourist resort.At tianya Stone bank, a landmark spot in the scenic area, several calligraphy teachers are expressing their love and expressing the tender feeling of spring, attracting a large number of tourists.At the star camp, children and their parents drew the color of spring on small tents and lanterns with the sky as the curtain and the ground as the mat, and followed the calligraphy teacher to write down their New Year wishes.Sanya Wuzhizhou Island, children experience the “water flying” project.”So far this year, the Spring Festival reception volume has increased by 60% compared to last year.”Li Yanjiao, marketing director of tianya Haijiao Scenic Spot, said that most of the tourists during the Spring Festival are families, and the interactive experiences in the scenic spot are popular, such as go-kart, swings, horseback riding and fishing.Therefore, all second-line employees are seconded to the first line to create the Atmosphere of Spring Festival and participate in project interaction.Sanya Haichang Dream City Park, underwater lion dance to welcome the New Year.Wang Yuanyuan is visiting sanya to celebrate the Year of the Tiger.In yalong Bay tropical paradise forest tourist area, the scenic area ushered in a wave of tourists peak.Reporters in the second day of the year in the scenic area yanbo pavilion to see, affected by the cold wave to the north, yalong Bay mountain misty misty rain.Although the temperature in the mountains is significantly lower than in the city, the tourists in thin clothes are still enjoying themselves and linger in front of the scenic spots.Baoting Yenoda scenic area, tourists experience “hanging weiya”.Guo Zhenying photo during the holiday, in baoting Yenoda rainforest cultural tourism zone deep rainforest trekking, dressed in clothing full of rainforest tribal customs of young people search for verification, through the decryption, they participate in the scenic rainforest real scene script kill “Rainforest tribe yenoda Exploration”.During the Spring Festival, yenoda tropical rain forest in the high-altitude weiya, the devil swing, high-altitude zip line, cliff swing, step waterfall and other new play, attracted many players.Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park, tourists climb the New Year to win.Photo by Wang Xiaobin of Lingshui Jiaojie Island Scenic area, children watch the underwater world by submarine sightseeing submarine.Zheng Lipin for figure Betelnut valley scenic area, adjacent to the ah norda visitors besides shopping intangible pavilion for li culture change, follow li mai handmade silk embroideries, view and admire the betelnut · ancient subject-live performance, karting, small trains, the amphibious suvs, fly field agent Lin nest, and other attractions for visitors to call “play up” all day.Baoting Binglang Valley scenic spot, tourists experience “step by step alarming”.In lingshui Jiaojie Island, you can almost see friends, big and small, building castles on the beach, treading waves on the sea or swimming in the water.”Elf smelly treasure little rogue, New Year’s Day island tour.”Jeong, who went to the island with her daughter, shared a travel limerick of her own, saying, “I am curious to see small fish in a submarine.Water biking is fun, riding the wind without stopping.Mountain scenery yue body and mind, birds chirping reported spring dawn.The first tour island harvest, overjoyed to return.”(after)

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