How to eat leftover food for Chinese New Year, so delicious and safe

During the Spring Festival, it is inevitable to leave some leftovers.Many families save leftovers and eat them the next time they heat up.Are leftovers edible or not?How to preserve it properly?Be sure to take a few minutes to see!These overnight dishes are best not to eat 1, soup is the best way to preserve the soup bottom do not put salt and other seasonings, cooked soup with a clean spoon spoon out of the day to drink, drink not to finish, it is best to use earthen pot stored in the refrigerator.Because the soup is filled in aluminum pot, stainless steel pot for a long time, easy to produce chemical reaction, should be filled in glass or ceramic vessels.2, fish and fresh fish and seafood overnight easy to produce protein degradation, will damage the liver, kidney.3, bulk halo-mei bulk halo-mei is to eat that day, not overnight.From a food safety point of view, overnight is unsanitary and it is best not to eat overnight bad food if possible.Food experts warn that even food kept in the fridge is not absolutely “safe”.The refrigerator is prone to mold, and cold bacteria.4, tea overnight tea because of a long time, most of the vitamins have been lost, and the protein and sugar in the tea soup will become bacteria, mold breeding nourishment.5, green leafy vegetables because some green leafy vegetables contain more nitrate, cooked if placed for too long, in the decomposition of bacteria, nitrate will be reduced to nitrite, carcinogenic effect, heating can not be removed.6, tremella because both indoor cultivation of tremella or basswood field cultivation of tremella contain more nitrate, after cooking such as put for a long time, in the decomposition of bacteria, nitrate will be reduced to nitrite.Therefore, if the leftovers at home are not handled properly, the serious ones will cause food poisoning, and the light ones will also leave hidden dangers for health.Refrigerate immediately The longer food is left at room temperature, the more unsafe it becomes for microbes to grow.Once in the fridge, how fast you cool it down is also important.If the refrigerator is too full, the refrigeration effect is insufficient, or the dishes are too big, it will be difficult to cool down for a long time, which will also bring safety risks.2, different leftovers, separate storage separate storage can avoid bacterial cross contamination.You also need to store them tightly in a clean container, such as a crisper, plastic bag, or wrap your dishes in plastic wrap.3, overnight soup storage do not add seasoning if the soup to overnight, the best way to save is: do not put salt seasonings in the soup, the soup after cooking with a clean spoon to drink the amount of the day, the rest in a clay pot in the refrigerator.4. In addition to reasonable storage, heating is also the key to health.The leftovers are stored in the refrigerator and must be returned to the pot at high temperature before eating. Heat the whole dish to 100℃ and keep it boiling for more than 3 minutes.Because low temperatures can only inhibit bacterial reproduction, not kill them completely.5. For leftovers, refrigerator only plays an antibacterial role, not sterilization, bacteria will slowly grow, leftover food can be eaten within 2 days, more than 3 days best thrown away.Leftovers in the freezer usually won’t spoil for up to two weeks, but it’s also recommended to eat them within a week.6. Clean your Fridge regularly Many refrigerators are not cleaned regularly, and all kinds of bacteria, especially E. coli, can thrive in cold and damp conditions.Take out refrigerated food and eat it immediately. Bacteria can invade the stomach and intestines and cause gastroenteritis.Therefore, about three months, the refrigerator to do a “clean”.(Text and text are from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete) article xiaobian: fat baby

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