Hemorrhoids are nothing more than an irritated stomach, and I’ve used a four-drug recipe more than 1,000 times

Hemorrhoids got a lot of people first think of is to do surgery, in fact, external hemorrhoids is a little better, but internal hemorrhoids, really can let a person hardly wished to live.I once treated a patient with hemorrhoids for 5 years. He always had blood in his stool when he defecated. When it was serious, the blood was not flowing out but spewing out.Every time go up big of time heel use criminal law same, had done two operations for this, but did not have what use, hence this just come looking for traditional Chinese medicine!After I looked carefully, I said: you this is the stomach on fire, the stomach is good.He said: my this hemorrhoid and stomach have what relation?I said: There are two Yangming meridian, one is the stomach meridian and the other is the large intestine meridian, the stomach fire shows that the stomach Yin is insufficient, the Yin water is also, the Yin liquid can not balance the stomach Yang when the fire evil circulation for the fire poison, to the large intestine to the anus so as to send hemorrhoids.Proposed formula: Aurantii Trifoliata, Fulong liver, Tangerine peel, madder.Within a week the bleeding had stopped, and two weeks later the hemorrhoids had completely disappeared.Taste of acid-insoluble ash, here is very bitter, bubble water to drink, with it at first there may be a little faint scent, flavor is not bad, but as medicinal analysis out bit by bit, slowly, the taste will be more and more bitter.However, it is precisely because of bitterness that its physical nature is achieved. Bitterness can be healthy, and the medicinal property is downward, so it can bring down the upward and downward qi.I don’t know if you’ve ever seen one of those old pumps, which almost every household used to have, and it was very convenient to pump up your bicycle.From the throat to the stomach, and then to the small intestine, they might compare it to the wall of an inflator.Not only gas, sometimes eat sticky food, food blocked there, TRIFoliate also work.Liver main catharsis, long illness injury and liver qi, so with yu Jin blindly liver and qi.Fulong liver temperature through hemostasis, and madder hemostasis at the same time can remove blood stasis.”Medical Lin Zuan want” said: “Madder…Treatment of hemorrhoid fistula ulcer selection flutter loss.”So madder is essential for hemorrhoids.It seems so simple, but the four herbs can reduce stomach fire and relieve hemorrhoids in every way. I have used them more than 1,000 times over the years by adding and subtracting them.

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