Celebrate the festival, guess lantern riddles, elm huanxi yuanxiao

The Lantern Festival, everything new.On February 14, yushu city held a lantern riddle guessing cultural activities, so that the majority of cadres and staff enjoyed a warm and happy Lantern Festival.Event, crowded, noisy, to attend the activities of the cadres and workers gathered at the rows of red lanterns, holding me in front of the lantern riddles, laughter constantly, especially the successful guess the answer to the worker that small prizes, surprise and satisfaction beyond words, the thick traditional Lantern Festival holiday atmosphere in the venue.”I like this activity very much. I have already guessed several lantern riddles correctly. I not only felt the strong festive atmosphere, but also improved my thinking activity.Participate in the activity of the staff excitedly said.It is understood that the activity by the Yushu city direct organ Party working Committee, Yushu City literary and art federation carefully organized, set up more than 700 lantern riddles, the content of knowledge, fun as one, covering idioms, daily necessities, people’s names, place names, traditional Chinese medicine and other aspects of knowledge, according to yushu city in recent years the key work created 20 lantern riddles.Some riddles hide the first cryptic words, some riddles interesting very thick, not only created a warm and cheerful, happy and peaceful festival cultural atmosphere, but also enhanced the cohesion and centripetal force of the cadres and workers of the city’s direct organs.Source: Jilin Urban and Rural network author: reporter Xu Wenjun Editor-in-chief: Meng Fanjie Shi Wei Han Tieying editor: Chu Hui

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