Case: when the man is drunk and indecent, the woman pushes the man and causes him to fall to the ground and die, the family members claim for compensation

In Xiangzhou, Guangxi, a man’s family sued for 870,000 yuan in compensation after he repeatedly hugged and kissed a woman while they were walking home after drinking. The woman pushed him away and caused him to fall down and die.On the day of the incident, Ms. Pan and a man surnamed Wang went to a friend’s house for dinner and drinks, and the two walked home together.On the way, Wang repeatedly forced Ms. Pan to embrace, kiss and other behavior, Ms. Pan are resistance, and pushed the other hand.When two people walk to luo Show town, Wang again to Ms. Pan forcibly embrace, Ms. Pan again pushed each other, Wang fell unconscious.Ms. Pan immediately called people, wang was sent to the hospital.13 days later, Wang died after invalid rescue.After identification, Wang mou department because fall head occipital ministry ground, cause severe craniocerebral injury death.During the period, Pan paid more than 10,000 yuan of medical expenses for Wang.After the incident, Wang mou had said, willing to compensate 50 thousand Wang mou’s family members, but the other side too little.After wang’s family members reported to the police, Pan voluntarily surrendered to the police station.The police filed an investigation on suspicion of negligent death and handed it over to prosecutors for investigation.Finally, the prosecution made a decision not to prosecute.Wang’s family members refused to accept the appeal to the procuratorial organs.At the same time, Wang’s family filed a civil lawsuit, Ms. Pan compensation for more than 870,000 yuan.What Ms. Pan did, was it self-defense?According to the Guidelines, it is necessary to base itself on the specific circumstances of the defense, take into account the overall course of the case and the possible reactions of ordinary people under similar circumstances.First of all, Wang violated the will of women, the implementation of Ms. Pan hugging, kissing and other illegal infringement, Ms. Pan out of instinct to make self-protection pushed away Wang behavior, did not exceed the necessary limit.In fact, Ms. Pan subjectively did not hurt Wang intentionally, and after Wang fell, Ms. Pan contacted others in time, together with Wang sent to the hospital for rescue, its management and control ability to adapt.Therefore, Ms. Pan’s actions qualify as self-defense.Wang mou as a person with complete civil capacity, do not know how to control themselves, excessive drinking, and make infringement on Ms. Pan, there is a major fault.They should be held accountable for their actions.Therefore, Ms. Pan should not bear civil liability.Accordingly, the court of first instance rejected wang’s family’s lawsuit request.It should be noted that prosecutors eventually reversed their decision not to charge Ms. Pan.Even the higher level of the prosecution also believed that Ms. Pan’s behavior, not criminal responsibility.Pay attention to @ with the body statement!Together from the practice of the case, look at life, learn legal knowledge!

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