8.62 million!Chenzhou Guidong county chicken three foot food assets judicial auction

Recently, Ali judicial auction platform released an auction notice, located in Guidong County Chengguan Town Guihua Avenue, Guidong County chicken three foot Food Co., Ltd. all 1 industrial land and 2 houses on the ground of the judicial auction, the total starting price of 8,625,728 million yuan.This auction is located in the northwest of the county seat of Guidong, beside the Osmanthus Avenue.The auction is for industrial land with a total area of 2,048 square meters and two buildings inside the site with a total area of 5116.55 square meters.Two buildings (one processing plant and one comprehensive building) have been built inside the plot, with reinforced concrete structure and construction area of 5116.55 square meters. The present situation is rough.The auction target is located in the west of guidong county, belonging to the suburbs, the surrounding development degree is low.However, for industrial land, there is a wide osmanthus avenue at the gate, and less than 3 kilometers from the county seat of Eastern Guangxi, convenient transportation, location has been good.Processing plants and complex buildings have been built in the plot, which can be put into production after self-decoration after purchase. Moreover, the land use authority still has 37 years, which basically will not affect the later production and operation.Plot owner to our county three-legged chicken food co., LTD., in 2016, the company’s business license has been our county market and the administration of quality supervision, revoked (company has not yet been cancelled), industrial and commercial query results show that the company shareholders the rest of the industry is concentrated in the foot bath care, electricity, chemical industry, hotels and real estate development, has several companies,Whether there is a hidden lease or other relationship with the auction target, you need to know clearly before signing up for bidding.

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