Xindu Bridge tourist route recommendation?What are the scenic spots near xindu Bridge?We are with you!

Western Sichuan Xindu Bridge tourism route recommendation?What are the scenic spots near xindu Bridge?Chihiro International Travel with you!Xinduqiao town is located in the western part of Kangding city, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. It is a very famous tourist attraction in China. Qianxun International Travel service will bring you a collection of recommended routes to xinduqiao.Xinduqiao town: also known as East Russia, is a town name, not a scenic area.Xindu Bridge is about 3,630 meters above sea level. There are no outstanding landmarks, but there are more than 10 kilometers along the route, which is called “The World of Light and Shadow” and “Photographer’s Corridor”. Xindu Bridge is a town with few scenic spots to speak of.At Xindu Bridge, the best light comes in the morning or dusk. Standing on the hillside at the head of the village, you can see the whole valley in full view. You can see the first ray of sunshine in the morning hitting the village properly, or the last ray of sunshine in the evening slowly moving away from the distance.Step into the narrow path in the flower field, the boundless purple sea, outline a beautiful romantic tone.Walking in the lavender sea, full of fragrance, give a person a leisurely experience of fish west there will be a lot of photography enthusiasts attracted to come, in fish west whether it is to see snow mountains, play, punching photo, fried chicken invincible worth going to!Here you can see not only the whole yarra Snow Mountain, but also the Gongga Snow Mountain, which is a beautiful 360 degree view from all sides.Near xindu Bridge there is also Litang Called Letong in Tibetan, which means flat grass dam like a bronze mirror. It is named after the vast grass dam in The territory. The terrain is undulating and gentle, with flocks of cattle and sheep, and it is spectacular.The ink stone park new jin net red scenic spots, special geological causes early black stone park strange landscape, into the ink stone park secular retreat like a foreign land only stars are still.Daocheng maintains the purity of its scenery, which is nearly extinct on earth, with unique landforms and original ecological natural scenery.It is truly the “soul of Shangri-La”.The above is the Xindu Bridge scenic spot recommendation and tour guide brought by Qianxin International Travel Service. Every walk has its meaning and every journey will harvest a memory. Let’s go to Xindu Bridge and encounter the most unique scenery in western Sichuan!

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