Why does cancer risk increase with age?Oncologist: Keep these 4 nutrients in mind

Introduction: The continuous outbreak of clinical cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, organ diseases and new cancer terminology has thrown our people into a state of panic. The incidence of cancer diseases is very high. Due to the high incidence of cancer, medical staff and researchers have been unable to develop a reasonable antidote and vaccine to treat such diseases.
Human operation need the support of various nutrients, can see the different elements in the life activity, so it is very important to keep enough nutrition supplement, especially old people, many people are malnourished, if can’t meet your body needs nutrition, can reduce the body’s immune function, more vulnerable to disease, in this respect, the prevalence of cancer will also increase.Why cancer increases with age?1, the elderly methyl malonic acid content increased in the blood for clinical medical staff and researchers, routine blood test and the high risk of cancer cases studies, the researchers found that as the intake of nutrients or lack of exercise for a long time, the elderly methyl malonic acid in the blood is insufficient, lead to rising trend of clinical, through clinical cancer risk ranking and routine blood test,Is closely associated with the onset of cancer.The elderly cancer cells in serum of invasive for a variety of tissues, cells and organs in the body is much more invasive and in routine clinical practice of high-risk disease term chemotherapy drugs, will produce strong resistance and the degree of pathological changes, at the same time, due to the oxidation mechanism and excretion of body organs run energy, it will undergo malignant metastasis.2, age, the greater the exposure to carcinogenic factors as the growth of the age, the more exposed to external also at greater risk of carcinogenic substance, for example, smoking and alcohol use increase the risk of cancer for a long time, the BMJ a related study, published in the university of Oxford, the study found that long-term smoking male friend if a significant reduction in the weight within six months, will significantly increase cancer rates.Researchers analyzed 63,973 adults who had lost weight, including 33,167 people over the age of 60 and 16,793 smokers. After six months, 908 people had been diagnosed with cancer, 882 of them were over the age of 50.3, immune function decline in tumor disease is, in fact, a kind of disease caused by its own normal cell mutation, under normal circumstances, if the exception from external objects into the human body, our immune system, will stand up for the first time, however, as the growth of the age, the body’s immune function gradually drops, aging cells will also have some wrong mutations,There will be more and more errors in both repair and monitoring functions, and the incidence of cancer will increase.Many people think that only pregnant women need to take folic acid. In fact, the intake of folic acid in middle-aged and elderly people in China is seriously insufficient, which is easy to lead to the increase of homocysteine levels, which increases the risk of cerebral infarction.Chronic nutritional deficiencies can lower immunity and increase the risk of cancer, so eat foods rich in folic acid, such as spinach and walnuts, and take folic acid tablets if necessary.2. Protein Protein is needed to maintain the normal immune capacity of the human body, and protein should also participate in the self-repair of damaged tissues and cells. In the process of protein intake, appropriate intake of soy protein is very beneficial to the prevention of cancer.Many cancer patients need chemotherapy and radiotherapy during treatment, which will not only eliminate cancer cells, but also damage normal human somatic cells. Compared with the normal time, protein intake should promote the repair of tissue damage more. In order to play a better effect, we should eat more animal protein, such as chicken, eggs and fish.3, carbohydrates most People’s Daily staple food is mainly starch, such as rice and steamed bread, including carbohydrates can complement the human body needs energy, a normal adults need to eat every day at least 300 g of cereals, a study in the United States found that six phosphoinositide is contained in whole grains, can play a role in disease prevention and treatment,Common are wheat, oats, corn, rice and so on.During cell proliferation, inositol hexaphosphate acts as an inhibitor, preventing free radical damage to normal cells, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, and diluting blood lipid levels. Studies have also found that this component is effective in inhibiting the development of colon, prostate, breast, skin, lung and liver cancers.4, dietary fiber, if you do not pay attention to the intake of dietary fiber in our daily life, will increase the risk of various cancers, which go against the stability of cardiovascular and blood sugar, some dietary fiber intake in the diet can reduce the large intestine mucous membrane contact with carcinogenic ingredients, accelerate the discharge of various impurities, inhibit the body to absorb harmful ingredients.Conclusion: the clinical treatment of cancer relies mainly on the middle-aged and old prevention mechanism of nutrients and vitamins, it can replenish rich nutritional value, role in a variety of tissues, cells and organs of the body, more conducive to the stability of the body, at the same time, it also can ensure the metabolic levels of the hormone and immune activity to achieve operating mechanism, so as to avoid cancer or tumor.

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