Why are rich people mostly businessmen?

The economics of the original, let a person become rich is the practice of the Japanese writer pine PuMi aso writes: “the most basic of doing business is beyond people’s expectation, in short, a service, making money, oneself will eventually benefit, therefore, this is the basic business, uphold the principle of this, we can obtain the trust, the business can be sustained.”When I was a child, my parents told me a story about Lu Buwei’s idiom — “rare goods, rare and rare goods;Can live, can stock up “.The concept of “coaxing” means investing in scarce goods now and saving them for later sale at a higher price.As a businessman, Lu Buwei took Zi Yi, king xiang of The Zhuang Dynasty of Qin, as an investment object and shrewdly perceived the value of Zi Yi as a commodity after examining him.Having identified his target, he acted very cautiously.When he first met him in Handan, he did not show any signs, but made calculations in his mind.Back in Yangzhai, he first made investigations and collected all kinds of information. After careful study and repeated calculation, he worked out a bold investment plan and decided to invest all his assets in the appreciation space of ziyi.For a businessman, this is the ultimate business practice, and thus the legend of lu Buwei, the founder of business.There is nothing new under the sun.There is only a simplification of “business” and tells us.(1) to see the nature of the business (2) (3) to observe and think do business, first altruistic PuMi aso also through hands-on, in transforming a book called the magazine life hand 1, this kind of business, the basic concept of persistent as an editor for nine years, since the fifth year of the results of preliminary, “life hand 1” increase in sales for a few times,It also contributed to his business and business acumen.Just as he admitted, in the life stage of doing business, in addition to becoming rich, it is more about changing the way of thinking and improving the ability to do business.

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