What looks good with a sweater?With pants, skirts, can be fashionable and temperament

Be about to enter spring soon, those massiness winter coat also can prepare to take off, put on frivolous good-looking spring outfit, in numerous spring outfit, knit unlined upper garment is indispensable single article, because the air temperature changes quickly in spring, sometimes cold and sometimes hot, because this a knit unlined upper garment can very good deal with this kind of weather, both good-looking and warm.And knitwear is also a versatile single product, whether it is matched with pants or skirts are good-looking, so what should be paid attention to when matching?Let’s analyze it.Knitted sweater + skirt (skirt) ▼ style due to the knitted sweater fabric is soft and skin-friendly, the touch is also very delicate and comfortable, especially can reflect the feminine gentle.The same is true of skirts, which are a must-have item for every woman. Wearing a skirt can further enhance the femininity, and matching with a sweater is a perfect match.▼ wear take the point attention to create a bright spot when choosing knitwear design, in order to pursue the joker able to bear or endure look, can try to choose light color fastens the basis of design, this kind of style had no matter how many years are not easy to outdated, also do not need to buy a new one every year, and basic is also the most joker, literally how collocation can be very stylish look.To reduce drab feeling, can choose the skirt that a few feel that design will undertake collocation, add more aesthetic feeling for integral modelling, also can show the glamour that gives a woman more.To highlight the waist line sense due to the common sweaters are relatively loose version, so behind on does not reflect the advantage of shape, so when choosing the style, can choose try to cultivate one’s morality but not tight sweaters, better highlights the slim figure curve, or you can put the skirt into dress, make lumbar line,You can make the lower body proportion more slender and tall.▼ recommend collocation, for example, if for the collocation of clothing color is not very good, so I recommend more darker colors collocation, this kind of combination is also very fashionable and beautiful, also not easy to get wrong, such as black sweater with a stripe of skirts, skirts USES several dark color stitching, can also be a good rich modelling beauty, weaken the depressing feeling of black,It can be worn for commuting or relaxing.In addition to the skirt, sweater with pants is also a common combination, if you want to create a different style of modeling, then you can wear different pants to achieve, but the most common is the combination of sweater with nine-minute pants, more sophisticated.Low wear take the point (1) above the ankle, show show high thin sweater and pants collocation is very practical, commuter leisure balance, but also to spend some of idea on the choice of pants, can choose the design of nine minutes of pants, show ankle part, so that you can play a significantly higher significantly thin effect, for slender leg, can choose the straight canister of cultivate one’s morality,Can highlight the advantage of the legs, and girls with thick legs, can also choose wide-leg pants, cover the meat show thin effect is also very good.(2) basic, effortlessly beautiful pants or skirts, casual and comfortable is the most important and the joker, if you don’t want to spend too much mind on collocation, then try to choose the basic item, trousers can choose common blue jeans, wide-legged pants, etc., match, easy and nice, if you want to make modelling, can be done by accessories,For example, beautiful bags or exquisite jewelry, etc., can realize your “careful machine”.Knit uncut upper garment is very mainstream in spring autumn wear build sheet to taste, the fashionable degree of itself need not say more, need to pay attention to a few details only on collocation can, often also be these minor details can promote a lot of mark to modelling, see here, are you more willing to choose collocation pants or skirt?

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