To read wu Zao’s “Wash Stream sand” feeling

Wu Zao, female, was born in Renhe (now Hangzhou) in the Qing Dynasty.Wu Zao was born into a wealthy merchant family. He was gifted and talented at painting and writing, especially inscriptions.Her ci writing style is not only delicate and elegant as a woman, but also bold and free as a man, as well as carefree and lofty as a pure scholar.Before the age of 30 mixed with the world of mortals, after the age of 30, disheartened, avoid red dust music, converted to Buddhism.Wu Zao a volume of Lisao a volume, ten years worry ten years lamp;Listen to the autumn sound on the banana leaf.Want to cry not turn strong smile, taboo sorrow but learn to forget;It is a vain claim to be wise to deceive others.After reading a lot of feelings, and on the five absolutely four small poems.One is the world of mortals bitter, muddy muddy in a dream.Life is like a journey, time is too fast!Two fame and wealth, like a fleeting cloud.Loess many barren mounds, Wang Hou lonely body.Three people crazy love tears, since ancient times a few true?Dream broken into illusory, the soul on the road.Four if light mortals desire, morning drum smell.Sweet incense smoked anger, prajna solemn body.

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