Pyeongchang: planting and promoting corn and soybean strip compound 60,000 mu

Yang Chao Sichuan Rural Daily all media reporter Yang Du rain after the solar term, the temperature gradually warmer.February 25, after breakfast, Bazhong City pingchang County Yuntai Town shuangping village grain farmer Wang Qing on the shoulder of a hoe, to his own nearly 100 acres of corn mix.Looking at a large area of land in need of consolidation in front of her and planning the time for spring ploughing, Wang Qing was so worried that she quickened her pace.”I took care of the abandoned land of about 100 mu in the village, and planned to interplant all the corn and soybeans. A few days ago, the corn seedlings were well bred, and the fertilizer was also bought. Now it is mixing the land, and then it can be transplanted for some time.”Ching wong said.Wang Qing’s confidence and confidence in trusteing abandoned land to develop corn and soybean cultivation came from his initiative to understand agricultural development policies and consult agricultural experts before the year.Wang qing calculated that one mu of land can produce more than 1,000 jin of corn and 400 jin of soybeans.According to last year’s price calculation, excluding the cost, conservative estimate 1 mu can earn about 1500 yuan.”It’s a mature model with low risk and good benefits.”Ching wong said.”Corn-soybean strip planting can effectively utilize idle land and increase yields, while improving soil and reducing the incidence of pests and diseases.”Pingchang County Agriculture and rural bureau agronomist He Guoqing introduced, to strengthen the technical guidance of farmers, Pingchang county in the form of package set up county, town agricultural technology guide service team, in-depth field, the implementation of squatting guidance.Since the beginning of the year, Pingchang County will actively adjust the agricultural industrial structure, but also in the time node, technical points, planting plots, division of labor, financial security, inspection and assessment and other aspects have made a detailed arrangement, the stable production of grain and oil to ensure supply and farmland rotation farming for the important political tasks and people’s livelihood projects.The county in accordance with the “one core, two lines, three pieces and multiple points” planning and development layout, vigorously promote the new mode of soybean – corn strip compound planting, plan to promote soybean – corn strip compound planting area of 60,000 mu in the county.(Photo provided by publicity Department of Pingchang County Party Committee)

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