Middle-aged people’s naked resignation or job-hopping, which is more terrible

Last night, when I was talking to my supervisor about my resignation, he said,”I don’t mind you to resign, if there is a better platform, I still have your approval, but what do you think of another platform are helpful to your career planning in life, you submit an application, I immediately for examination and approval, no problem, if is naked resignation, I suggest you think twice before you do, you will be very painful, everyone is” negative second generation “, you know what I mean!”If you haven’t found the one, don’t naked resignation, because you can’t find the direction, some people will say, I’m so tired, need to have a rest for a period of time, again to find a job, don’t, don’t have this idea, because you leave after a company, you will find find a job in the original is not so easy as you imagine, after all age is there.If you is dutiful, jumped out of the now is a “comfort zone” for you, you will find that the outside world faster change than you might think that you can not imagine, so many years engaged in a particular field, your professional knowledge and skills but couldn’t keep up with the pace of The Times, you want to think about it, if you want,Have you been doing the same job day in and day out for more than ten years, with no progress, no change, no new knowledge and skills, just to live, just to make a living, not doing what you love to do.If your ability is outstanding, all aspects are better than others, someone will naturally hire you a high salary, no need to worry, if your core competitiveness is stronger than peers, in this company, then you can rest assured, both hands in favor of supporting you!2, job-hopping yesterday, a chance met a former colleague, also be good brothers, suddenly asked about my work, do you have any plan to move to his company, we have eight years didn’t meet, meet a and I see him a drink, appears increasingly gaunt, he is the same, but slightly mature many, spoken language and also was not the same,He said let me consider, the interview his company, welfare treatment is certainly much better than my current company, but he has a rigid requirement, must work for five years, and can not get married within five years, he will arrange to give me a quota.He said that I helped him when he was down and out. Now he has made some achievements in his career and will not forget me.Suggest I think about it.Do you think I ended up staying or leaving?

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