Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee (BOCOG) : The epidemic situation in the closed loop is estimated to be under control

Xinhua News Agency Beijing, February 1 (reporter Yue Ranran He Leijing Gao Meng)Beijing (CNS) — With the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games just days away, the number of inbound arrivals has increased and the number of positive cases has increased, but the closed-loop spread of COVID-19 has not been caused, and the overall situation is under control, according to a press conference held by the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee (BOCOG) at the main media Center on Thursday.Huang Chun, deputy director of the Epidemic prevention and control office of the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Winter Olympics, said that the number of imported cases has also increased since the village opened on January 23, and the number of imported cases has increased since The village officially opened on January 27, with a peak of nearly 1,700 people a day.Huang analyzed the overall situation of positive cases.He said the number of cases was related to many factors, such as the number of people entering the country and the trend of omicron’s global epidemic.”Since January 23, we have released the test information and positive information of people entering China, including the daily number of tests and positive numbers within the closed loop. We can see the change of cases. We also observed that the number of people entering China in these two days was relatively low, and the number of cases decreased accordingly.””Based on the current management, strict personal protection measures and frequent nucleic acid tests in the closed-loop, we can see that although we have seen an increase in cases, there has been no cluster transmission of the epidemic in the closed-loop, which is generally under control as we expected,” Huang said.So the parties, the athletes, other people involved in the Olympics, including the Chinese public, don’t have to worry. It’s a safe environment to compete in. It’s a joint effort.””At present, there is a new policy, if the athlete is newly infected, as long as he or she can take four nucleic acid tests five days before boarding the plane, all negative, he or she will have a good chance to compete in China, we are very confident about that,” Said Huang chun.(after)

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