Bayern Munich have faced two questions in the last 24 hours: what on earth is Muller doing in Dortmund?

In less than 24 hours, Bayern Munich fans were confused by two pieces of news.Captain Manuel neuer underwent knee surgery a day after playing against RB Leipzig and equalizing Kahn’s record of 310 Bundesliga victories, and will be sidelined for several weeks.While the news was still being absorbed, another bombshell was announced: defender Jele, who had decided not to renew his contract about a week and a half ago, has decided to join Borussia Dortmund on a free transfer at the end of the season.Neuer’s knife or Jueller’s defection would be bad news, but the first thing one would think is — what?Even more puzzling than neuer’s sudden move to borussia Dortmund on Monday afternoon was the surprise announcement of the player’s arrival – and not just bayern fans, but borussia Dortmund fans.On the eve of Dortmund official announcement, the German media have spread the news that Jule love Dortmund.Even so, Dortmund’s official announcement came as a surprise.Without a series of preambles, His choice would not have been so puzzling.The problem is that, midway through the 2018/19 season, He texted his agent, asking him to help broker a move to the Premier League.The story was reported by The German media in late September last year and is widely known.It has since been suggested that Newcastle, newly acquired by Saudi Arabia, have offered the best financial terms for the player, while Chelsea, who may not be able to keep Luedig, have also targeted him.Anyway, the English super League (hao) door is the worst money, can easily meet the requirements of the economic conditions, which is including Bayern Munich and other Bundesliga clubs incomparable advantage.In the 2015 Champions League final, He was there to support Barcelona.Not only have “premier League dream”, to the middle of January this year, someone exposed an old photo of Juler wearing Barcelona shirt.The background of the photo is Berlin’s Olympic Stadium, during the 2015 Champions League final between Juventus and Barcelona.Given that the news of Barcelona’s interest in Muller had already been repeatedly hyped, people can not help but wonder.And soon after, Bayern chairman Kahn confirmed that Juler refused to renew the news.Money was apparently one of the key factors in juler’s rejection of Bayern, with rumours circulating that he had been offered a pre-tax salary of 10 million euros a year.What is this concept?Bayern extended coman’s contract until 2027 on January 12, with a pre-tax annual salary believed to be in excess of 17 million euros.A few months ago, kimich and Goretzka signed a new contract for 15 million to 20 million before tax.Even if He had been less important or contributing than the three peers, the gap would not have been so wide.Naturally, it is common sense that juler will go abroad because there is no club in Germany that offers a better financial condition than Bayern, let alone a competitive vision.So at the start of this month, despite the sudden speculation that Borussia Dortmund had joined the race for the club, few believed they could beat Barcelona or Chelsea.Sport1’s Bayern and team reporter Jens Plettenberg was even quick to dismiss the rumours: “Borussia Dortmund have considered him, but juler will not go to Dortmund.So bayern fans need not worry.The story of Plettenberg has hit the face.In the end, experts, including Plettenberg, were smacked in the face.While apologising to fans, Plettenberg also revealed: “Today when I heard about jele’s move to Borussia Dortmund, many of my Bayern teammates were surprised and most of them thought he would go to the Premier League.With Dortmund, money is certainly not the deciding factor.Conditions provided by the current news, points out that borussia Dortmund and bayern Munich, is also a basic salary of 10 million euros, of course there will be such bonuses and signing additional compensation (for 11 million, there is also a theory is that bayern borussia Dortmund can reach 12 million), but no matter how impossible is superior to the conditions provided by the foreign giants.”Niklas had other options, including ones that would have given him more money,” said Hudler’s manager, Michael Strut.Niklas was quick to decide after his first contact with Borussia Dortmund.I was impressed by the steadfastness of his decision.”Italian transfer expert Romano revealed that Jeller has received three offers from serie A and premier League clubs, but his preference is to stay in the Bundesliga and only want to move to Borussia Dortmund.Juler has signed a four-year deal with borussia Dortmund with an option to extend.”Niklas has shown great interest in borussia Dortmund during his talks with us,” said Kell.Since money is not the deciding factor, what is muller’s goal not to take the opportunity to move to the Premiership or Barcelona?From all the evidence so far, it is bayern’s lack of appreciation that has prompted the club to clear its name from its main rival.It was no secret that He was overweight and his love of junk food was often criticised within the club, with former board chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge mocking him in public.At the sporting level, Juler has made some progress since joining Bayern from Hoffenheim for 20 million euros in the summer of 2017.He eclipsed Hummels and Boateng under Nico Kovac and was also picked up by Joachim low for the German national team at the same time, but fell out of favour with Flick after a cruciate ligament tear and a slump in form on his return, making a regular cameo at right-back.It was not until this season that he gradually regained his ideal form under his mentor, Nagelsmann, and won his place in the first team.Jueller had an awkward time under Flicker last season.Despite his progress, the 26-year-old has clearly not reached the heights that Boateng was at his age.Boateng was one of the top three or five central defenders in the world by the age of 26 and was named German Footballer of the Year in 2016, after guardiola’s coaching.It was also at the European Championships that he and Kroos formed the “pass-control duo” of the German national team.Juler is now a mainstay of bayern Munich and Germany, but he is by no means the centre of the defence – although Joachim loew tried to make him the centre of the defence after the 2018 World Cup and even dumped Hummels and Boateng, the decision to call hummels back before last year’s European Championships proved a complete failure.In short, Jule’s competitive growth situation is difficult to convince bayern executives, and his professional quality is also controversial.It is understandable why Bayern did not pay enough attention and respect to him when it came to renewing his contract.From Juler’s point of view, he certainly has every reason to be upset, just as Cross or Alabbar did.”From the first contact, I knew immediately that the club’s directors wanted to work with me.[president] Watzke, [sporting director] Zorke, [professional team director] Kyle and [coach] Rozer all gave me an impression of what role I could play at Dortmund and they wanted me as a person and as a player.I was impressed with the way they fought for me so I knew immediately where I wanted to play.It is not hard to feel from this statement that The move to Borussia Dortmund is to get this sense of importance.In fact, borussia Dortmund put Juler at the top of their list after Hummels returned to Bayern in the summer of 2016.Jule join, Dortmund to retain Harland will play how much effect?The German media reacted with surprise and excitement to the selection of Juler, as it is no ordinary achievement to dare and successfully snatch bayern from the jaws of the jaws, which speaks volumes about Dortmund’s determination to compete.And having one of Germany’s main players at home is a bundesliga victory.Of course, borussia Dortmund will not immediately have the strength to overturn Bayern because of the acquisition of Juler, just as the purchase of Hummels, Dortmund’s defense did not become solid again.The Bundesliga, however, will not be able to change its position by offering money to the Premier League or other big foreign clubs.It remains to be seen whether Borussia Dortmund and the Bundesliga can take this opportunity to achieve transformation.It was a brave and characterful move for Jole, but it was also a risky one that could have led to him never reaching the heights of Boateng or Hummels.And lost The Bayern jule, also facing not small embarrassment – the whole defence line did not have a native player!Of course, Bayern could also add a German international, such as the rumoured Genter (whose contract with Moenchengladbach expires at the end of the season) and Niko Schlotbeck (signed with Freiburg until 2023).Schlotbeck, 22, is also a target for Borussia Dortmund – it would be even more interesting if Dortmund could snatch another bite.

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