29 + 13 + 10!James continues to be in full mode and is expected to sweep the scoring title and championship this season

In his first game back of James led the lakers with 21 points big reversal, at the Los Angeles lakers to a 122-115 overtime victory over the knicks game, did a very good job, James, James league 39 minutes, 13 of 24 shots, three points, 7 in 3, scored 29 points, 13 rebounds and 10 assists in the three pairs of large size, positive and negative value for + 12,Among them scoring and assists are the team’s highest, can say that the Lakers can complete the reverse attack in this field, James is worthy of the great credit.James led the team to win but at the same time, oneself also completed a number of personal milestone, it was James 1347 regular-season NBA career, he played several beyond Bryant’s 1346 games, exclusive history 14th position, this is James 19 games in a row at least 25 points, the second long record for personal career,It was James’ 15th triple-double at age 35, the most in NBA history by a 35-year-old player. It was also James’ first triple-double at age 37, becoming the seventh player in NBA history to do so.From the above data is enough to see James strong strength, to know this season he is 37 years old, but he still has the first-class competitive level, especially since the Davis to injury, James is the continuous explosion, even after he is absent on injuries among five games, but in his first game back was able to play the super performance, this is a rare,As long as James continues in this full-on mode, he’s on track to win both the scoring title and the championship this season.So far, James has averaged 29.1 points, 7.8 rebounds, 6.4 assists, 1.6 steals, and 1.1 blocks per game. His field goal percentage is as high as 52.3%, and his three-point percentage is 35.1%. Both the statistics and efficiency are impeccable, and James’ points per game is higher than embiid, the current leading scorer.He’s not on the list because he hasn’t played enough games, but as long as James plays the rest of his games and continues to be as hot as he is, he has a good chance of winning the scoring title.Championship, of course, is the highest pursuit of James, although the lakers now underachievement, any team but did not dare to look down upon them, after all, the lakers lineup with James and Davis two superstars, across the west, the lakers star colour is the foot, the underachievement, on the one hand injury, on the other hand is a chemical reaction,At present, the Lakers injury return, players after half a season of running in, but also gradually develop a tacit understanding, as long as James Davis is not injured, the Lakers have good chemistry, this season is not impossible.

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