The 1st anniversary of jiatian Future New Town’s ownership, the first wave of owners feedback activity successfully concluded

Main city core, brilliant one year anniversary!In this early winter, jiatian Future New Town will offer a series of heart-warming activities to show warmth to the owners’ families.On the first anniversary of jiayan’s ownership of the management city, we are grateful for the company of beautiful women all the way. From November 27 to 28, Jiayan · Future New City launched the first wave of owners’ gratitude and feedback activities.Marketing center prepared the significance of the special “flower flower cow family barrel gift box”, for the owners of the family to send warmth, sweet, complete, happy blessing, let the owners harvest a warm heart in the winter good spot real shot fast pace of life let people slowly ignore the health.And fragrant milk can supplement necessary nutrition for body and mind, wake up your tired body, encounter the life of “small truly lucky”.The distribution of “hua Hua Niu Family bucket gift box” not only conveys the exclusive warmth of winter, but also witnesses jia Tian’s gratitude to the owners.”I like drinking milk to keep healthy on weekdays, and I am so happy to receive gifts today.” “Jia Tian signed a contract with us at the original price from the beginning, and often gave various feedback to the old owners in the future. We can see that he really has the old owners in his heart”……The sincere expression of the owners makes us feel gratified, and gives Jiatian more power to do practical things for the owners, to create a benchmark that satisfies the owners and is praised by the management city. If we compare Jiatian · Future New City to a seed, from germination to a towering tree, every nourishment of the old owners of Jiatian is precious.As jia tian after north lake in downtown on iterative masterpiece, jia tian, the future new town will always stick to “good quality, sweet life,” the enterprise idea, by the standard quality refresh GuanCheng human interface, with warm sweet heart give owner effects in the graph is the owner to build sweet life, jia tian has long been a beginner’s mind and stick to it.Since its entry into the market at the end of 2020, Jiayan has continuously harvested the sweet life entrusted by owners.Only with sincere feelings, grateful owners trust!Next, Jiatian · Future New Town will be grateful owners as forever!Jiatian Future New City has the confidence, with the quality to cash the trust, with the good heart to return to the beautiful woman, we look forward to the future together, wish friendship like wine, neighborhood as before, hand in hand to the future again……

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