Star basketball player is a winner, makes $8 million a year, has a love affair with Miss Universe, 5 ‘7 “legs

Domestic CBA league is in full swing, the majority of the players is still fighting in a line, including the construction of zhejiang Sun Minghui star players, as a national basketball player, active service Sun Minghui is still outstanding, the performance of the season averaging 17 points and 8.3 assists, assists is a personal career high, led the construction of the current ranking fourth championship at the same time, may have hit a championship.In addition to his outstanding performance on the court, Sun minghui’s life off the court has also been revealed. He exchanged love names with a beautiful woman on social media.The specific situation is that the beauty posted some life dynamics, Sun minghui directly under the comments: “just like me and you” with a kiss expression, then the beauty even replied: “this is foie gras, this is pig liver, you are my little heart,” the disgusting words directly announced the two people’s love exposure.Yang Shiyin, the winner of the 69th Miss Universe China, is from Jinhua, Zhejiang Province.Yang Shiyin is a post-2000 generation, with a height of 1.78 meters at the age of 13. Due to her good appearance, she finally embarked on the path of art student. In 2018, she passed the college entrance examination and entered the Communication University of China.The label of beauty and outstanding student was enough to earn Yang recognition, but not content with this level of excellence, she signed up for the miss Universe 2021 competition and won in China to represent China in the Miss Universe global pageant.It can be said that Yang Shiyin won the weight of honor is very sufficient.Due to her excellent physical appearance, Yang Shiyin posted sexy and beautiful personal photos on her personal social media. She can dress up in a variety of styles of clothes and fully show her beautiful figure of 1.79 meters. She is a real beauty.For Sun minghui, dating Miss Universe is a life winner, an achievement most men can only dream of. Sun is a professional basketball player, standing over 1.85 meters tall and physically strong, which makes Yang shiyin even more attractive.Of course, most professional basketball players will choose to fall in love with girls who are models and stewardesses. The key point is that because of their height, basketball players are generally tall and bulky. Girls who are models and stewardesses are relatively tall and can match professional basketball players.Sun minghui is in love with Miss Universe off the court, and he is also doing well in his career. Currently, he earns the maximum salary of CBA league, with a pre-tax income of more than 6 million yuan. At the same time, he also runs an off-court arena, with an estimated annual income of more than 8 million yuan.Career success, love in hand miss Universe love, Sun Minghui can be said to be a winner in life!(Lin Xiaoshi)

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