Phecda 9000 OPPO Find X5 name unknown: no research NPU chip

According to multiple sources, OPPO will hold its spring collection event in February, where it will officially unveil the new OPPO Find X5 flagship.As the time of release approached, the exposure of the aircraft became more intense.The OPPO Find X5 has been revealed in more detail by a popular digital blogger, following details of its appearance and some of its specs.According to the latest information released by the popular digital blogger @digital Chat, the new OPPO Find X5 series will have three versions, among which the small Find X5 and the large Find X5 Pro will be equipped with snapdragon 888 and Snapdragon 8 processors respectively.Both will be equipped with hasselblad certified and proprietary NPU chip “MariSilicon X” 6nm image processing chip.It is worth noting, however, that the current version running on the Phecda 9000 processor is stuck in the middle, and OPPO’s own NPU chip will not be running on the PhecDA 9000 OPPO Find X5.

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