Lu Daoyue’s Spring Greeting Poem in qing Dynasty (1393)

As I mentioned earlier, I have recently written a few ancient poems about welcoming spring. I have published bai Juyi’s “Keeping Fast in Early Spring: A Reply to Ten Gifts from Emperor Fu” in the Tang Dynasty and “New Thunder” by Zhang Weiping in the Qing Dynasty. Today, I will publish the third poem, “Welcoming Spring” by Lu Daoyue in the Qing Dynasty.The poem roughly means that in the annual start of Spring, when spring is welcomed and blessed, the flow of people in the eastern suburbs is very large. It can be said that it is bustling and lively, and people are beaming and happy.However, the poet’s original intention is not to sing the praises of the Spring Festival with enthusiasm. From the first sentence, it is pointed out that the changes of weather bring people good fortune and auspice are basically the same, but the second sentence describes the lively scene of the Spring Festival.There is absolutely no need to go to the eastern suburbs to engage in activities to welcome spring and look for spring scenery. In fact, thousands of families in the city are already full of spring scenery.The implication is that spring is inevitable, natural, and will come as it should.Only he this kangxi nine years of jinshi, the biggest just made henan Yanshi county magistrate county seven product petty officer dare not say thoroughly.We can see the poet’s spirit of seeking truth from facts.This piece of calligraphy is written on four-foot square antique gold rice paper.– Wu Feng (Yifeng)

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