Hundreds of people were swindled into a “HPV vaccine” booking scam totaling more than 300,000 yuan

HPV vaccine (cervical cancer vaccine), the “Internet celebrity” in the vaccine industry, the supply is tight, a vaccine is difficult to obtain, many women of the right age to try to “grab vaccine”.Some criminals are targeting women who are eager to get vaccinated.Case Review:Yulin city a man pang a hide it cannot control vaccine appointments and levy vaccine has no right to make an appointment, the fact that using the original department of China only a nine and four cervical vaccine supplier Chongqing Zhifei in Products Co., Ltd., yulin the convenience of office worker, nine successful reservation price for part of the masses and tetravalent cervical cancer vaccine, win the trust of the victim,From March 2021 to December 2021, a total of 363,490 YUAN of vaccine advance payment was received from 113 people, among which 44,000 yuan was refunded due to the victim’s repeated demand for vaccine, leaving 319,490 yuan unrefunded.The money collected was used to repay his personal debt and to rob Peter to pay Paul to refund the vaccine money he had received from the public.At present, Pang has been arrested for suspected fraud by our hospital in accordance with the law.Prosecutors remind: the appointment of vaccines must be through official formal channels, remember not to blindly believe in the appointment of vaccines and other information, directly let private transactions transfer must be vigilant.Writing/Editing by Zheng Yuyan/Auditing by Chen Yanlin/Jiang Fahai

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